Yellowcheek (lat. Elopichthys bambusa)

Yellowcheek is a species of fish of the Cyprinidae family. It reaches 1.5-2 m in length and 30-40 kg in favorable conditions. Its body is elongated. It is distributed from the Amur basin to southern China in the rivers Sungari and Ussuri, Lake Khanka.

Yellowcheek is, perhaps, the most desired Amur prey. Fishing for it can be called «catching» only by a long stretch of imagination, basically it’s a real «hunting» for an intelligent, cunning and cautious goal. Yellowcheek can reach quite large sizes, fish up to 10 kilos are often caught. This fish is very strong and resists no worse than salmon, although it gets tired faster. Even the appearance of a yellowcheek shows its strength and speed.

If we talk about fishing, it is worth saying that it is caught only on free water. In winter, it sleeps sweetly in deep pits, and can be caught with the beginning of spring, when the water warms up to ten degrees.

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