Weasels have a slim, elongated body with a small, flattish, triangular head. They have small, rounded ears but large eyes and a pointy snout with long whiskers. Their back is usually brown, gray, or black, but they have a white or yellow chin and belly. Males are much larger than the females, meaning they are sexually dimorphic.



Aside from when they are mating or weaning young, weasels are solitary animals that fend for themselves in the wild. They are known to be territorial, defending their home ranges when invaded.


Weasels live in a variety of habitats, such as open fields, woodlands, thickets, roadsides and farmlands. They typically thrive in environments abundant with small prey (like small rodents) and with an available source of water. Most weasels live in either abandoned burrows, or nests under trees or rockpiles.


Since they do not hibernate, weasels are active all year long. Depending on the climate and season, they may display nocturnal or diurnal behavior.

Methods of hunting permitted for use:

  • stalking,
  • ambush hunting,
  • trapping (automatic trap),
  • using hunting dogs

Permitted hunting tools:

Hunting fire smooth-bore long-barreled arms, hunting firearm with a rifled barrel of caliber no more than 8 mm and a seating distance not more than 51 mm (including a caliber of 5.6 mm for a rim-fire cartridge); hunting firearm combined weapons (smooth-bore and rifted gun), including with rebarreling and auxiliary rifled barrels of 5.6 mm caliber for rim-fire cartridge; traps (automatic traps), including deadfalls of various types, mole traps, cherkans (wooden traps for animals living in lodges), gin traps, snares, and other analogues of automatic traps, as well as nets, cages, live traps and etc; cold bladed hunting weapon.

It is allowed to use a hunting pneumatic weapon with a muzzle energy of no more than 25 J for taking a chipmunk, ground squirrel, ground squirrel, hamster, water vole. Hunting for a lynx, badger, wolverine, hare and beaver using a hunting firearm with a rifled barrel of 5.6 mm caliber for a rim-fire cartridge is not performed.


n its structure, the weasel fur resembles a mink, but the weasel is a very small animal, therefore, the sizes of the skins are miniature. Long weasel coats are sewn rarely, since the product loses its attractiveness due to the numerous seams. But outerwear of small size is popular not only among fashion designers, but also among buyers. The fur is like a mink, but much cheaper in price. Weasel products are unsuitable for severe frosts, they are good for those areas where the temperature does not exceed –5 degrees.