Taimen is the progenitor of all salmon species.


It is a 100% predator. It hunts all small fish, mostly navaga, herring. In fresh water, it feeds on shellfish, caviar of other fish and their baby fish. When taimen hunts, it chooses places for an ambush, that can be boulders, pits and so on. If hunting takes place in the sea, it likes to stay at the level of channel or natural deepening of the bottom.

The Sakhalin taimen is a very popular object of fishing. This kind of salmon is listed in the Red Book, so its catch is regulated by the state through the issuance of a license. There are some areas where taimen catching is prohibited. Formerly, the Sakhalin taimen was very popular among the population of the Far East. Young taimen was caught in all rivers and lakes. People used all possible methods of fishing used: from networks to simple fishing rods. However, such popularity has affected the amount of taimen nowadays.

In sport fishing, the principle of “catch and release” is applied.

In practice, this principle looks like this:

  • Do not use natural and live baits, because you will have to release the fish;
  • the size of the hook should correspond to the average size of the fish, to avoid causing any damage to it, too small fish can swallow it, and large fish can damage itself;
  • you mustn’t use gaff hooks; replace tees with single hooks;
  • It is not necessary to use hooks made of stainless steel, such hooks with a deep ingress into the tissues of fish cause them significant harm;
  • You mustn’t fish out taimen for too long. This greatly tires the fish, it can weaken and perish;
  • The caught fish should be carefully taken with a net or hands cross its body. Push net is desired to be made of soft nylon, without nodules, not to harm the body of fish;
  • You mustn’t grab the fish by the gills, forcefully squeeze it with your hands. A fish should not be allowed to splash on the shore;
  • if you are going to take a picture of your prey, prepare everything in advance so as not to take away the minutes of life from taimen;
  • when you release the fish, take it with both hands by the tail and under the belly, hold your head against the current, if the fish is not active it should be kept until it comes to senses after stress;
  • You can only release fish if you are convinced of its natural activity. Despite certain and justified restrictions in catching taimen, the pleasure of fishing for this burly salmon is guaranteed.

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