Predatory carp

It is a freshwater predatory fish of large sizes of the Cyprinidae family. Predatory carp lives in the rivers and lakes of the Pacific basin from the Amur to the Vietnamese northern provinces. Also in Taiwan. In the Far East, it can often be found in the rivers of the Amur region. In the middle and lower reaches (from the Kumara to Liman), in the Ussuri River, the Lake Khanka. It is also noted in the rivers of northwestern Sakhalin.

Predatory carp well bites almost all year round. But best time for catching this fish is the beginning of summer flood. The end of August – early September is considered to be a good period for fishing predatory carp, as well. During the day, the most suitable time for catching a fish are sunrise and evening dawn, as well as all night.

It is recommended to use such fishing tackles as:

  • float fishing rod
  • bottom fishing rod
  • fly-fishing rod
  • spinning (using small wobblers, blinkers)

Predatory carp – is a predator, so natural bait should be of animal origin. It is best to use live-lure, dead fish, large worms, flying insects.

Meat is very tasty, as well as, fish meat of other cyprinids.