Manchurian Wapiti

A wapiti looks like a maral, but the horns of its males are even more powerful, its color is reddish-red. Wapiti is smaller than maral, but larger than many other red deer. Adult beasts are gray, brown or reddish without light spots on the sides. Its height at the shoulders is 150 cm, that is comparable to the height of the bull. Weight – 250 kg. The size of females is much smaller.

Deer have a sharply outlined bright spot on the back, which helps them not to lose sight of each other in a dense forest. A red deer has such special spot of a rusty color above its tail. The horns of adult male are large, with numerous tines. Young horns have white spots. Eyes of deer glow red at night.

In summer, wapiti has reddish-red color. In autumn, its summer skin is replaced by winter grayish-brown-yellow. Full color changes by the end of October. Wapiti deer are very beautiful and graceful.



Hunting for Manchurian wapiti is very difficult. It is a very cautious animal. This beast has a very quick ear and fine sense of smell. According to some researchers, it is able to smell on the leeward the smell of a human and a predatory beast at distances over 1000 meters. With every rustle, the beast prickles up – sensing the slightest danger, it disappears with lightning speed, at times its escape is accompanied by a groan, which sounds like a barking.


It lives in the taiga of Transbaikal Krai, Amur Region, Khabarovsk Krai and Primorsky Krai.

It is widely distributed in the south of Amur Region, especially in the districts adjacent to Jewish Autonomous region and Khabarovsk krai.

The main factor that determines the distribution of Manchurian wapiti is the depth and density of the snow cover. Wapiti do not live in the places, where the snow reaches 70 cm and more.

Especially high density of wapiti can be found along natural solonetz soils. The main habitats are birch forests, felling areas overgrown with young aspens, also wapiti loves feeding on folds and marshes.

The methods of hunting are the same as for all ungulates with some special characteristics.