Voronezh region is located in the upper reaches of the Don River. A long time ago these lands were the Wild Field, while nowadays magnificent black earth soils have transformed the region into the pride of domestic agriculture. Every sixth kilogram of sugar and every eighth liter of sunflower oil produced in Russia are made here. Fishing and hunting in Voronezh region for you.


The region is a great place for fishing lovers. After all, its territory includes several dozens of notable rivers (besides small ones), more than 100 lakes and more than 3 thousand ponds full of diverse ichthyofauna. Fishing and hunting in Voronezh region

By saying the phrase “fishing in Voronezh region”, many people think first of all about the Don and Khopyor basins, between which the main part of this region is located. Along these rivers and their innumerable tributaries, many fishing camp sites have been built. The base “Semidesyatnoe” (a pond near the village of the same name at the river Devitsa) is known in the valley. There are common carp, pike, crucian carp, catfish, white amur, perch and roach. Fans of the Khopyor water system praise “The camp site on the Cherkassky backwater”. There is a similar range of fish in this part of the reservoir.

Fishing in Voronezh region means spending time on countless lakes. The most famous are the Bolshoy Ilmen, Baban and Dolgoye (all located in the creekbed of the Khopyor – at a slight distance from Povorino, Borisoglebsk and Gribanovsky).The Streletskoye is on the first place among the small lakes according to fishermen’s opinion. It is located in the creekbed of the Don – between the settlements of Mokhovatka and Medovka in the heart of the Ramon district. There are pike, crucian carp, perch in the lake. Sometimes there is a silver carp.

Fishing in Voronezh region also takes place on the toll ponds. The most popular are the Sergeevs, that are in the Paninsky district – in the village of Sergeevka. People come here for a huge carp. A large pond in the village of Somovo (north-eastern suburb of Voronezh, railway station Somovo) is available free of charge. Here an angler can catch crucian carp and tench. On the South-east you will find Petrovsky lakes. In both places, fishermen will be surprised at the size of the caught carp. Its weight reaches 5 kg.


Though hunting in Voronezh region is not allowed everywhere, it is diverse, including 70 species of mammals and 290 species of birds, which live in the northern interfluve area between Don and Khopyor. Seasonal shooting of wild boar, squirrel, hare, deer, forest fox, muskrat, beaver and marten is allowed. There are inhabitants of lakes and marshes among the available wildfowl in the territory of the region, including a duck, a sandpiper and a marsh harrier. In the woods a pheasant is tracked.

Most often hunting in Voronezh region is associated with lands lying near Ostrogozhsky, Alekseevsky, Talovsky, Liskinsky, Kamensky, Podgorensky, Paninsky and Rossoshansky districts. 75 % of all territories of permitted hunting for wild boar, fox, fur-bearing animals, marsh and forest game are concentrated here.

Away from the main mass of hunting farms, there is a reserve of the Novokhopersky district – many fur-bearing animals are found here.