Volgograd Region is part of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. The administrative center of the region is Volgograd, a hero city with a population of more than 1 million people. The main historical sights of the region are connected with the memory of the World War II – the museum panorama «Stalingrad Battle», a memorial complex on the Mamayev Hill with one of the tallest statues in the world «Motherland Calls!». Hunting and fishing in Volgograd region  choose it and enjoy.


Fishing in Volgograd region occurs mainly in the rivers of the Volga, Akhtuba, Don and its tributaries (Cimla, Khopra, Medveditsa and Buzuluk), and is not excluded in freshwater lakes and water areas of the Volga-Don canal. The main fish-breeding reservoirs of the region are the artificially created Tsimlyansk and Volgograd reservoirs. Hunting and fishing in Volgograd region for you.

The restriction for fishing is almost everywhere from the end of April to the end of June, with the exception of using one float or bottom fishing rod with a maximum number of two hooks. Sander, asp, bream, pike, freshwater catfish, as well as, common, grass and bighead carps can be found in the fresh water reservoirs of the region. Restrictions apply to the fish of the Red Book – spike sturgeon, Azov beluga and Volga sterlet.

Fishing on lakes, anabranches and small oxbow lakes of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain is the most peaceful and full of pleasant impressions in Volgograd region. On the territory of the Leninsky district local perch overeats excessively. You can catch a lot of predatory fish with a one worm. At paid recreation centers carps are also bred.


Hunting in Volgograd region takes place on the territory of 42 hunting grounds. The predominant beasts are hare, fox, wild boar, roe deer, moose and pheasant. Hare and fox live in almost every part of the region and often walk into the industrial zone of large cities. Raccoon dog, which adores steppes and semi-deserts, can be met everywhere. In the floodplain forests and forest-steppe areas people hunt pheasants. More than a hundred of pheasants of the North Caucasian breed were brought to this region not so long ago.

Hunting in Volgograd region is associated with a certain order. The season on forest, water and field fowl begins in March (the goose appears already in the first days) and in October. On the wild boar, roe deer and moose – from 1 November. Wolf and gray crow are beaten year-round. Training of gun dogs for a field game is allowed from July 20 to September 15, for forest hunting – from August to February inclusive, for waterfowl – from August 1 to November 15. Hare and fox hunting passes from September to February (inclusive). Dogs’ Hounding takes place only at special stations.

Hunting in the Volgograd region has a number of restrictions. A ban on hunting red deer (they were brought here in the 50s), 284 of which are left for today, is imposed. The penalty for shooting ranges from 35 to 245 thousand rubles. The Red Book includes all the birds of prey, great bustard, red-breasted goose, marbled duck, dalmatian pelican, lesser white-fronted goose, white-headed duck, Russian desman, black-winged pratincole. Many of these representatives of the fauna haven’t been seen for several years.