Ulyanovsk region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and a part of the Volga Federal District. The administrative center is the city of Ulyanovsk. The region borders in the east with Samara region, in the south – with Saratov region. In the west – with Penza region and the Republic of Mordovia, in the north – with the Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan. Population is 1 257 532 people. The total area is 37 300 km ².


Fishing in Ulyanovsk region takes place on lakes and rivers. The lakes of the Ulyanovsk region are represented by 1,223 natural reservoirs. Among them, 946 are considered to be bottomland and 277 – are watershed. Almost all the lakes in the region are small-sized, with an area of ​​less than 5 hectares. The largest are the Belolebyazhye lake (sometimes called the Beloe) in Mayninsk district, and the Beloe lake in Nikolaevsk district. Often there is a confusion because of the same names.

However Beloyebyazhye is twice as large as the Beloe. The Area of ​​the first one is 217 hectares, and the second – only 96 hectares. The Belolebyazhye is famous for a good fishing, and the Beloe is a nature reserve, around which are concentrated the best resorts of the region. Those for whom fishing is a passion for life gather on these lakes, as well as on the Peschanoe, Yaik, Zayachy and other large water bodies. The lake Kryazh, the third largest in the region, is little appreciated by anglers. Carp prevails here. And this fact attracts not many fishermen. Hunting and fishing in Ulyanovsk region 

Fishing in Ulyanovsk region is the most popular in the Beloyebyazhye and Beloe Lakes. Pike, crucian carp, bream, tench, carp and gudgeon become a frequent prey of fishermen. A chub and a trout are also found here, but they are listed in the Red Book of the region, sp they must be released. Also a good catch is waiting for fishermen at the artificial reservoirs of the region. The largest of them is Kuibyshev.

Besides lakes, there are 2,033 rivers in the region with a total length of 10 320 kilometers. 77% of them have a length not exceeding 5 km. However, there are also extended rivers, like the Volga, Sura, Malaya Sviyaga and Bolshaya Cheremshan. River fishing in Ulyanovsk region is provided with a catch of a pike, perch, chub, asp, burbot and loach.

Also crucian carp, mirror carp, pike perch and bream are found on the Kuibyshev reservoir. The largest species of the mentioned fish bite in the area of Polivno. Ulyanovsk region is famous for 4 comfortable arms of the Volga. After all, the spurs of the Volga Upland smoothly go down to the Kuibyshev reservoir here. In the huge delta arm of the Bolshoy Cheremshan you can catch a tench. There are many roaches on the tributaries of the Volga in Staromaynsk district.

Fishing in Ulyanovsk region is limited to a spring ban on fishing in spawning pits. And a list of the Red Book. It includes sterlet, beluga, Russian sturgeon, trout, bitterling, common minnow, chub, common bullhead, all kinds of stickleback, dace, sneep, as well as spirlin.


Hunting in Ulyanovsk region is a memorable event. Elk, roe deer, wild boar, hare (white and brown), as well as furs – beaver, badger, steppe marmot, fox, marten and squirrel live in this Volga region. The largest populations of these animals inhabit the meadows of the left bank of the region, as well as the dense thickets of Baryshsky, Sengileevsky and Inzensky districts. A lot of upland fowl are also found in these areas – namely, wood grouse and black grouse (artificial nests are arranged in these areas).

Hunting in Ulyanovsk region takes place on the territory of 29 public hunting farms, the most extensive of which are located on the flatland left bank. Almost all of them are unprofitable – locals shoot, basically, only a bird (hunting for birds takes place in spring and summer). Meadow hunting implies the shooting of a goose, a kulik and a woodcock, and waterfowl can be found on the lakes of the right bank (the season for a duck is even often prolonged). Among mammals, only a beaver, as well as a steppe marmot (the hunting season for this nimble rodent with a good skin begins in the second half of July and lasts until the end of the summer) are hunted.

Hunting in Ulyanovsk region restricted by the Red Book. Among wild game, predatory and stork birds, muskrat, otter, ermine. And even brown bear (whose population has sharply decreased – its traces are found only in the Staromaynsky district nowadays) are included. Many animals have vanished due to numerous summer droughts and forest fires.