The Russian Federation includes more than twenty republics. One of them is Udmurtia. The region is a part of the Volga Federal District and the Ural economic region. It borders on the west and north with Kirov region, in the east – with Perm region, in the south – with Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. The capital of this subject of the federation is Izhevsk. The region is populated by 1 517 237 people. Its total area is 42,100 km². Hunting and fishing in Udmurtia


Major part of modern Udmurtia has preserved almost pristine natural conditions.  Due to that the wealth of the water world of Udmurtia is often compared with the wealth of Polesia, which is considered to be the richest in fish place in the territory of Eastern Europe. Therefore, fishing in the Udmurt Republic is a real pleasure. There are a lot of big fish in this region. First of all, local fishermen respect large rivers. There are only 6 of them – Kama, Vyatka, Belaya, Chepca, Izh and Kilmez.

Middle sized water reservoirs are Siva and Vala. There are more than 7000 small rivers in this corner of Russia. The whole water basin is fuelled by snow. On the banks of the water arteries, in addition to pike, perch, roach, bream and carp, it is possible to catch a minnow and catfish (the mouths of Belaya, Izh and Vyatka teem with fish). Hunting and fishing in Udmurtia

Fishing in the Udmurt Republic also takes place in four reservoirs. The largest of these “seas” is Votkinskoye. And the most popular places on its shores are Zmeevka, Kryukovo and Primorye. Pike, perch, zander, asp, catfish, tench, bleak and roach inhabit the reservoirs.

Fishing in Udmurtia is able to hit even an experienced fisherman. Not just by the opportunity to have a rich catch of commercial fish, including pike, various types of sturgeon, salmon or grayling. Since recently, in many reservoirs, you can catch such a non-traditional fish for the region, like sprat, Black Sea red-cheeked pipefish or round goby. Specialists assume that new habitants have got in here on the bottoms of river vessels.

Fishing in the Udmurt Republic is associated with restrictions in the spring period (fishing is prohibited in spawning pits – in river mouths and in some parts of reservoirs). Russian sturgeon, black-backed shade, river trout, inconnu, European grayling, Russian spirlin and common bullhead are included in the Red Book of the republic.


Hunting in the Udmurt Republic is a great way to get acquainted with the commercial fauna of the southern taiga. In each season, at least 2,000 hunters come out on a favorite business. Currently there are 22 wolves in the region (the rest come from the territory of Permsky Krai and Baskkortostan), 125 lynx and 1,200 bears. There are 4,000 wild boars and 4,018 foxes (recently they are transmitters of rabies). There are 16 500 elks. Hunters love corralling them – as well as Yaroslavl region, Udmurtia is the “champion” in conservation of this animal. Here you can find 24 000 of hares. Upland fowl is the most widespread among wild fowl. For example, the number of black grouse is almost 58 500 units. Pheasants are bred in the hunting farm “Kurchumskoye”.

Hunting in the Udmurt Republic is concentrated on the lands of 84 public hunting grounds. And the most interesting is to hunt in the northern hunting grounds. Although only two species of animals are banned from hunting, the extraction of red deer and reindeer, as well as musk deer, is severely restricted.

But not only this fact is the main feature of local hunting. A number of rules have been enacted in the republic. You can hunt for a woodcock only with the use of a stuffed duck, it is prohibited to hunt for migratory woodcocks in the morning. This bird, as well as grouse, black grouse, goose and drake are allowed to be hunted only under licenses. Stalking these birds is also prohibited. Hunting seasons almost coincide with the timetables of the Central Federal District. Some hunters themselves protect animals from poachers. A lot of them have recently appeared here, as the region has too many secluded areas, in which inspectors do not have time to look in…

Hunting in the Udmurt Republic is regulated by some prohibitions. Some are associated with the regime of reproduction of animals, others – with the local Red Book. All species of grebe and diver, a black stork, a large bittern, a brant, a white-fronted goose, a mute swan and all predatory species of birds are included in it. Among terrestrial mammals, such hunting game as desman and wolverine are classified as endangered species.