Stavropol krai is fabulously rich in various rivers, most of which are mountainous and small. The full-flowing rivers are the Terek, Kuban, Kalaus, Kuma, Egorlyk, but there are more small rivers & rivulets than can be count. The flow is rapid, rivers are full of stones, and the water is crystal. However, during the rainy season the rivers become turbid.


If there is time for long fishing, then you can go fishing in different places. Fishing in Stavropol krai is in a great demand despite the season. What is more not only experienced fishermen prefer this area, but also beginners check their skills and gain experience here. This is not surprising, because there are many different places in the region, where you can fish and just relax.

But it is important to remember that during the spawning period some fish species are prohibited from catching, fisherman can be fined for this. Therefore, before fishing, it is necessary to find out what kinds of fish you can catch, precisely during this period. You can catch the following species on the reservoirs of Stavropol krai:

  • Common carp;
  • Sander;
  • Perch;
  • Catfish;
  • Caucasian chub;
  • Carp, roach;
  • North Caucasian minnow;
  • Motley and white carp;
  • Tver barbel, ramming.

Each type of fish must be caught with the appropriate bait and equipment. There are many ponds for fishing in this area, but some of them are the most convenient, what means that  fishermen visit them more often. The most popular reservoirs of Stavropol krai are:

  1. Nogaiskoye;
  2. Proletarskoye;
  3. Yegorlykskoye;
  4. Otkaznickoye;
  5. Novotroitskoye.

You can fish using a boat or just from the shore on the Yegorlykskoye reservoir. Spinning, bottom or float fishing rod are usually used of the gears. But you can also fish on other water bodies. Special places for convenient fishing are equipped on some rivers. Such places are on the Kuma, Kuban, Terek, Podkumka, Yegarlyk, Kalaus. That is where you can fish comfortably not looking for suitable places on a regular river. Here you can use different fishing rods, apply different baits and fertilizing.

Of course, fishing in the region is famous for its Stavropol canal. Here you can catch a great variety of fish and enjoy the beautiful nature. And all this despite the fact that there are no convenient places for fishing. On the Stavropol canal you can catch a wobbler, perch, scraper, vibro-tail, sander, pike.

Fishing in the area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters can occur in various ways. Depending on the type of fish, you can use a variety of baits, predatory fish is often caught with fry, and other species are well caught with a vegetable fodder.

Fishing success in Stavropol depends on the season of the year and other conditions of the fish biting. You can successfully catch a scoundrel, sander and catfish in summer. In winter, these types of fish are caught not so often, but you can rely on fish that feeds in winter, though it’s not as active as in summer.

It is necessary to know that it is forbidden to fish from a boat in the territory of the Kochubei district, fishing there should only take place from the shore. And at the same time it is possible to use only one fishing rod with a one hook on a fishing line. A fisherman can catch a fish weighing less than 5 kilos, and if the fish weighs more, the fisherman must pay a fine. In order not to catch a very large fish, it is necessary to use small hooks and baits.

However paid fishing is specially organized for connoisseurs of rarer fish in Stavropol krai. For example, in the northern districts of Stavropol there are several reservoirs that offer to catch a carp. On the pond you can fish, but then the reservoir staff weighs the catch and calculate the cost of the fish.

Carp can be caught on the most simple tackle, which will consist of an ordinary fishing rod, a sliding or deaf rigging, a float and fishing line of less than 0.2 millimeters thick. Also, while fishing, it is worth making a bait. It takes place in summer and winter season, but fish shouldn’t be fed too much, otherwise it won’t eat and peck.


Nowadays there are 27 hunting grounds in the Stavropol krai. The authorities of the region made its hunting areas as clear and accessible to everyone as possible, so there is an interactive map of the hunting grounds of Stavropol krai on the Internet. With its help it is much easier to determine the place and season of hunting.

The key difference of the Stavropol krai from other regions of the Caucasus is the presence of zones of the forest-steppe, steppes and semi-deserts. Therefore, those who prefer to hunt a small beast, for example a hare, fox, steppe grouse or a corsac, instead of climbing mountains in search of a large prey, are recommended to go to Stavropol krai. Also larger animals like roe deer, wild boar inhabit the forests of the region.

Hunting for birds is a common deal in Stavropol krai. One of the “pearls” of the region is The wetlands of the Chogray reservoir on the Vostochny Manych (border with Kalmykia) are one of the pearls of the region. Ducks, geese, coots, various kinds of waders live in the shallows, overgrown with reeds and other marsh vegetation. Not only Russians, but foreigners  as well come hunting for these birds.

Hunting for these birds come not only Russians, but also foreigners. It is important to know that very strict quotas operate in the hunting season. Thus, in each of the districts, where hunting for geese and ducks is permitted, average daily norm is 3 goose and 2 ducks.

Whichever region of the Caucasus the hunter chooses, whatever trophy he targets, he will certainly enjoy hunting in picturesque places, as well as a significant adrenaline rush.