Saratov region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and a part of the Volga Federal District. Its administrative center is the city of Saratov. In the south it borders on Volgograd region, in the west – with Voronezh and Tambov regions. In the north – with Penza, Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, in the east passes the state border of Russia with Kazakhstan. The total length of the border is over 350 km. The population of the region is 2 486 654 people. Its total area is 100 200 km². Fhing and hunting in Saratov region


Water resources of Saratov region are represented mainly by numerous rivers. Including the Volga, as well as mineral springs and mineral water deposits. The lakes of Saratov region are represented by a huge artificial Volgograd reservoir and a lot of special ponds where fish are bred, therefore fishing in the Saratov region is extremely attractive. An ide, which is often caught on spinning with the use of small lures, is an iconic fish of the local reservoirs. Besides ide fishermen also catch a chub and an asp. In opinion of local fishermen, the main secret of successful fishing for ide is patience, without which you won’t catch any fish. Bream is caught year-round in the Volgograd reservoir, there are also a lot of pikes, and pike-perches of fantastic size.

Many lakes of the region are equipped with tourist bases, where fishermen can stay and relax with comfort doing their favorite thing. In the stocked ponds you can catch pike, mirror carp, crucian carp and even catfish of large size, so fishing in Saratov region brings a lot of joy from the successful catch.

Of course, the main river fishing in Saratov region concerns the rivers of the Volga, Khopra, Medveditsa and Bolshoy Irgiz. Smaller rivers are the Ilovlya, Atkara and Sulak. There are also 180 rivulets in the region. They are inhabited by prohibited sturgeon breeds, as well as pike, perch, chub, bream, scimmer, silver carp, asp and mirror carp. There are several artificial reservoirs in the region – the Volgograd, Saratov, Sulak and Teplovskoye. They are inhabited by the largest species of these breeds, as well as large catfish.

Fishing in Saratov region is limited to spring bans (it is not allowed to fish in spawning pits), as well as a list of the Red Book. It includes a thorn sturgeon, Volga sterlet and beluga.


Hunting is associated with the shooting of a wild boar, brown hare, fox, steppe fpx, raccoon dog and ferret. The wild boar is hunted from the middle of June to the end of February, furs – from September 15 to the end of winter. Field game is available in summer and spring, waterfowl – from March 25 to April. It is prohibited to shoot a migratory woodcock in the morning.

Hunting takes place on the territory of 38 hunting grounds, most of which are concentrated on the left bank, where there are no protected areas.

Hunting in Saratov region is limited to the list of the Red Book. It includes predatory and stork birds, muskrat, squirrel and steppe pika (some hunters can mistake it for a hare).