Ryazan Region is located in the heart of the Central Federal District. It borders on Moscow, Tula, Lipetsk, Tambov, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza regions, and in the east – with the republic of Mordovia.


The major rivers of Ryazan Region are the Oka, Moksha, Ranova, Tsna, Vozha, Istia, Vysha and Pronya (their depth reaches 10 meters). There are such water predators as small pike and perch. In the south of the region, the Voronezh River (the northern tributary of the Don) appears, where you can catch roach, pike perch, perch and pike. Fishing in Ryazan region often implies trips to these water bodies.

Fishing in Ryazan region is also a recreation with a fishing rod on the shores of many lakes and reservoirs. The best known fishing grounds are Velikoe, Beloe and Svyatoe lakes (Klepikovsky and Spassky districts). All the lakes of this region are rich in fish. But for those who prefer to catch on lakes, the best period is summer, when fish begin to bite worse on the rivers. Pike, perch, ide, carp, white amur, sterlet, trout – all these species of fish live in the lakes of Ryazan region, not to mention a roach, ruff and carp. Even small floodplain lakes along the Oka, which many fishermen do not pay attention to, are rich in fish. There were cases when more fish were caught in a small lake, than in a river.

Fishing in Ryazan region is also known for white bream, rudd, catfish and ide. They are found in the flowing lakes of the region. Sterlet, Danilewski’s dace, Black sea roach, beluga, sturgeon and stumper are recorded in the Red Book. From April 20 until the end of May boat fishing is usually forbidden in Ryazan region.

Sports competitions of fishermen for catching carp and trout are held near the village of Vyshetravino (Ryazan district).


Most of the hunting grounds in this part of Russia are concentrated in the north and east – in the zone of forests and forest-steppes, rich in fur-bearing animals and marsh-meadow wildfowl. Hunting in Ryazan region becomes known here. There are recreation centers on its territory. Hunting season for waterfowl takes place from the mid-August till the end of November.

Ryazan Region is the famous Meshchersky land. There are hundreds of species of flying and waterfowl among the wonderful forests, succulent meadows, overgrown with reeds of rivers and lakes, on the marshy swamps. Ivan Turgenev also wrote about it in his “Notes of the Hunter”. Part of the lowland is occupied by the reserve “Meshchersky”, which is inhabited by fauna from the Red Book hunting for which is prohibited. However, nearby state hunting facilities offer citizens with a license for weapons to track black grouse and drake, participate in hare or fox driving, and shoot boar from special hunting towers. In the middle of 104 000 hectares of hunting land you can meet “Gagarin’s hut” – this is the name of the winter road where the first Russian cosmonaut stayed during the hunt. It should be remembered that training dogs for hunt is prohibited even in Meshchera hunting reserves.

Other popular farms are located in the Ermishinsky and Kasimov districts. There you can continue to learn what traditional hunting in Ryazan region is. In this area it is permitted to shoot a hare, hawk and fox.

Hunting in Ryazan region is also associated with wild goose, which occurs in the fields in the Shatsk, Sarayev and Ryazh rayons.