Hunting for chamois and Dagestan tur in the Karmadon and Kurtain gorges is mainly offered in North Ossetia. Good trophy animals (adult and large) live in the mountains at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. Not just a good physical preparation is required from those who are going to the mountains of North Ossetia for organized hunting.

Good fishing in North Ossetia is associated with the Azas nature reserve. Such lakes of North Ossetia as Kadysh and Mani-Khol are among the popular ecologically clean lakes of this place. They are not easy to reach, as public transport is not established to these natural reservoirs, but their magnificent nature and good fishing make up for all the inconveniences of the trip. Good or even very good fishing is provided on these and some other lakes of the region at any permitted time. According to the rules of the Azas reserve, fishing is allowed here during the periods from December 1 to April 30 – ice fishing, and from July 2 to September 30 – summer-autumn amateur fishery. There are cordons with hygienic premises on the lakes of North Ossetia specially for fishermen. In the cold period, the cordons can take up to 5 people for temporary residence and up to 10 people with tents in a warm period. That is taiga lifestyle.

Fishermen of North Ossetia report about lack of good fishing places in the republic, that’s why many travel to other areas – The Don and the Volga rivers. Nevertheless among the places, where you can fish in North Ossetia are lakes Brut, Bekan, Nikolaevskaya, ponds on Der-Durka, a lake near Ardon, Desken, and some nameless lakes. A small up to a kilo carp, large crucian carp, sazan (common carp) can be caught in the lakes of North Ossetia.  Silver carp and white amur, which can be seen on the lakes Darg-Koch and Kardzhin, as well.

The most long-awaited fishing period in North Ossetia is the trout fishing season, which begins in April. Hunting for trout is loved not only by local anglers, but also by visitors. Most of the fans prefer to fish on the mountain rivers. There are more than two dozen species of fish in the rivers and lakes of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. Here you can find a well-developed paid fishing with a lot of ponds and other water reservoirs of artificial origin, where it is possible to fish well. The main inhabitants of the reservoirs of Ossetia are: silver carp, white amur, asp, tench, chub, vimba, sazan, barbel, nase, kutum, trout.

In order to organize individual fishing in North Ossetia, it is necessary to find out whether there are any prohibitions and permitted fishing periods on a particular reservoir of the republic, as well as to study local legislation on environmental management. A simpler solution is to use the services of fishing and tourist companies, which organize tours and provide bases and lodging houses for rest and accommodation.