Navaga is a cold-loving sea fish, it belongs to the Gadidae family


There are two species of this fish, northern and the Far Eastern (saffron cod). The body length of navaga usually reaches 30 cm, its weight at such a length is 250 g, there are also larger specimens, up to a half-meter in length, with a weight of about 1 kg. Far Eastern navaga is much larger than northern one.

Navaga can be found from the White Sea to the Ob Bay, saffron cod dwells in the Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk seas and the sea of Japan. In the open sea, navaga is not found, it is a coastal fish. In spring, when the water on the coast becomes too warm, it moves away from the coast for a small distance in search of colder water. In the autumn-winter period navaga moves closer to the shore in schools, shoals of the Far Eastern navaga often enter lakes, mouths of rivers. Navaga refers to the bottom-dwelling fish.

Navaga – is a very tasty, healthy fish, is a dietary food product with a high content of selenium and iodine. It is caught with a fishing rod with a mormyshka on a hook or with a help of a spoon-bait.

Most often this fish is caught for bait, like any predator, it attracts by well polished spoon-bait. Troll fishing can be unstable, then you should put any sea lure, like a piece of fish or shrimp, above the bait. And a good catch of navaga will be provided to you.

Baiting helps a lot in taking fish – navaga is attracted by mince raw fish meat. Passed through a meat grinder, or mashed mollusks. Navaga bites well, it’s run out easily, though it’s better to use gaff hooks to catch this fish.

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