The administrative center of Murmansk region is the city of Murmansk. The Murmansk region is located in the Northern Europe. The Kola Peninsula occupies about 70 % of the territory of the region, which also includes a continental part, the Rybachiy and Sredniy peninsulas, the  Ainovskie archipelago, the Velikiy and the Kildin islands.

The entire territory of the Murmansk region is located beyond the Arctic Circle. The climate in the southern part is moderately cold, in the north it is subarctic sea, softened by the warm North Atlantic current (the northeastern continuation of the Gulf Stream). In winter, the observation of the northern lights is especially attractive.


Murmansk region (like Karelia) is rightly considered to be a country of rivers and lakes. The region is rich in fish – cod, sea bass, halibut, catfish, flounder, herring, navaga are caught in marine waters. The Kamchatka crab is introduced in Barents Sea near the coast of the region. Hunting and fishing in Murmansk region for you.

The largest “waterways” of this Russian corner include Ponoy (15 467 km2), Paz and Tenni Yoki. Next in importance are the Voryema, Pechenga, Tuloma (storage reservoirs are built on it) and the Kutsayoki. There are brown trout, trout, large pike and perch in all these rivers. Fishing in the Murmansk region is not possible without a trip to the lake. There are more than 100 000 of them! The largest (at least 100 km2) are the Imandra, Umbozero, Kovdozero, Lovozero and Kolvitskoe systems.

These big lakes are “concentrated” in the western and central parts of the Kola Peninsula. Whitefish, grayling, nelma, trout, lenok and muxun are met there. It is not to be without the ubiquitous predators – perch and pike. In the east, only Sergoozero and Vialozero differ in size, surrounded by a deserted tundra with impenetrable swamps – civilization ends east to the rivers Crow Umba. But those brave souls who dare to visit these virgin places, bring an astounding catch – 15-20 kilogram salmon. It is caught from May to October. The season is tightened because this species of red fish have several spawning seasons. The main catch is the fish of the autumn biological group.

Fishing in Murmansk region has some restrictions in spring. You are forbidden to fish on spawning pits. The Atlantic salmon must be also released, as it is listed in the Red Book.


Many people already know that hunting in Murmansk region is a very adventurous activity due to its difficult natural conditions. However, it attracts some to this circumstance.

In this land, lovers of masculine entertainment meet bear, elk and all possible representatives of the “fur kingdom” (15 animal names). There is abundant marsh-meadow wildfowl in the east. Forest birds are found only in the south and in the Pasvik reserve. Amateur hunting in Murmansk region is carried out on the territory of three hunting farms (it is very difficult to get to other locations of the peninsula). The farms are lands on the border of the Pechenga and Kola districts (the Kola hunting grounds), the Krechet shooting-sport club sanctuary (between Murmansk and the settlement of Verkhnetulomsky), as well as, hunting ground with the bewitching name of “The Shoots of Communism” (this is an inaccessible east of the peninsula) .

Hunting in Murmansk region is connected with the ban on shooting animals of the Red Book. The list includes such birds as a white-billed loon, a red-necked grebe, a gannet, common, crested and atlantic gannets, all breeds of gooseback, a gray goose, a lesser white-fronted goose, mute whooping and grey swans. The disappearing terrestrial mammals include a shrew, a common сutter, a northern bat, a common flying squirrel, a beaver, a forest lemming, a polar fox, a polar bear, a weasel, a wolverine, a northern otter, a lynx, a European roe deer and a wild reindeer. The population of these species has been critically reduced with the onset of heavy industrial pollution of some rivers and air. The tragedy is also the result of a thoughtless expansion of the fishery in the 19th and 20th centuries. For the same reason, it is prohibited to hunt for all marine mammals nowadays.

Terms of autumn hunting in the Murmansk region:

The waterfowl, marsh-meadow, field, steppe game – from August 19 (third Saturday) to November 15

The upland game – from August 19 (the third Saturday) to February 28 (29)