Republic of Mari El (RME) lies in the central part of the Volga Federal District – surrounded by the republics of Chuvashia and Tatarstan, as well as Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod regions. It is located on the East European Plain, in the middle of the basin of the river Volga, where the largest rivers Volga, Vetluga, Sura merge. Mari El republic is called “taiga on the Volga”. The length of the RME from north to south is 150 km, from west to east 275.5 km, its length is 1200 km, the total area is 23.3 thousand km. The capital of the region is Yoshkar-Ola. The distance from Yoshkar-Ola to Moscow: 862 km, to Kazan 146 km. The population is 685,852 people.


There are many rivers running through the region, including two huge ones – the Volga and Vetluga. Therefore, fishing in the Republic of Mari El is quite a popular event not only among local residents, but also visitors. This federation entity has 179 water reservoirs over 10 kilometers long, which form 19 basins. Bolshaya Kokshaga, Malaya Kokshaga, Bolshoy Kundysh, Rutka, Nedda, Illet and Bui follow the Volga and Vetluga in size. There are burbot, ide, bream and pike.

Fishing in the Republic of Mari El also affects lakes as well. We are talking about Yalchik, Morskoy glaz, Taira, Konanier, Glukh, Kichier, Olang, Mushan-Ere, Serebryany, Karas, Yergzezh-Ere, Kuzher, Shute-Yere, Tote-Yere and Shardaryar. Here you can catch carp, perch, pike and roach.

Fishermen in the republic are called to the reservoirs – Cheboksary and Kuibyshev. In these waters, a perch, pike perch (some of its varieties have a weight of 3.5 kg), as well as pike and large bream can be found. As for the Cheboksary reservor, knowledgeable people often praise the coast to the south-west of the large village of Yurino. It is convenient to get there via Marino. There are many quiet backwaters, borrowing and no bathers at all. On a boat you can get in a minute to the countless islands at the mouth of Doroguchi. Their banks are full of pikes… Delta arms of the Vetluga are second in popularity. Its north-eastern side is a continuous swamp, but the south-west part has many comfortable approaches to the water itself. Especially a few kilometers from a small airfield. It is better to “conquer” the Kuibyshev reservoir from the islands lying opposite the city of Volzhsk.

A visiting fisherman should pay attention to the restrictions associated with the period of spawning. It is forbidden to catch in spawning pits (basically, they are located on reservoirs and entries of rivers). It is also forbidden to use more than 2 fishing rods (even in all other fishing places). You should not forget the list of the local Red Book. It consists of sturgeon, sterlet, Russian spirlin, common bullhead, Volga sneep and grayling.


Hunting in the Republic of Mari El is a real pleasure. After all, we are talking about land, many corners of which have remained virgin. There are many relict animals. Among them such wild game, as a boar, wolf, badger, raccoon, fox, hare, weasel, otter (already in danger), variety of upland, meadow, upland and waterfowl.

Hunting in the Republic of Mari El takes place on the territory of 22 households of public use. These hunting areas are evenly distributed throughout the republic. Especially a lot of wild game and furs are found in the heavy-going western districts of the region. Here you can meet even the “untamed” bear and moose. As for a bear, many huntsmen offer both stalking and ambush hunting from a sit-in (special tower). The shooting of wolves is financially encouraged. In winter, you can hunt for a fox – and directly from the snowmobile.

Hunting in the Republic of Mari El is associated with a certain regime and restrictions. The prohibitions concern the fauna of the Red Book. It includes birds of prey, several species of rodents and bats, as well as a ferret, European mink, muskrat, Siberian roe deer and otter.