Krasnoyarsk krai, the largest region and the second largest constituent of the Russian Federation. Occupies more than 2,366,000 km² of the territory of Eastern Siberia in the region of the Yenisei basin. The region stretches from the northern archipelagos and islands of the Arctic Ocean, to the south of Siberia. Towards the mountainous areas, for about 3 thousand kilometers. The region borders on eight other subjects of Russia, covering about 14% of the country’s territory. The population of the region is approaching three million.


Almost all of the more than three hundred lakes and thousands of rivers in the region can be interesting places for fishing. Artificially impounded water bodies of Krasnoyarsk krai are not inferior to the natural reservoirs. Fishermen can always choose a developed area or wild place. And catch several species of 60 types of fish, living in local water bodies. Smelt, omul, muksun, nelma, goldcarp can be among the lacustrine prey. Hunting and fishing in Krasnoyarsk

In the Arctic Makovsky Lake you can catch char. A diverse catch awaits on the largest lakes – Khantayskoe, Taimyr, Dyupkun. There are char, whitefish, pike and perch in Khantayskoe, chir, grayling, whitefish, vendace, omul, burbot and muxun – in the Taimyr lake. Unforgettable fishing takes place on the lake Dyupkun, which is in the valley of the Putorana Plateau and famous for trophy pikes.

Almost all the lakes are inhabited by perch, roach, as well as crucian and common carps. In Butakovo in addition to these species you can catch a pike or silver carp, in the Ingola – vendace, in the Pyasino – burbot, sturgeon, whitefish, carp, pike and pike perch, in the Keta – loach, minnow, Arctic char, peled, stump, whitefish, grayling, and in the Kungasaly – muxun and char.

Fishing in Krasnoyarsk krai attracts many fishermen to water storage reservoirs. On the Sayano-Shushensky fishermen catch grayling, bream, perch, whitefish, taimen, ide, pike, nelma and roach. The Krasnoyarsk Reservoir is famous for the largest catch of common carp, crucian carp, pike, pike perch, bream, perch. Occasionally in the rivers flowing into it you can meet sterlet, grayling and dace.

River catch, for example, in the Yenisei and its tributaries, can contain taimen, trout, bulltrout, grayling, sturgeon, pike, sterlet and much more. Whitefish are concentrated in the lower reaches of the Yenisei, with the exception of tugun, which can be caught in the Shushensky area, while more grayling and lenok can be found in the middle reaches. Only in the Yenisei you can meet 46 species of fish.

However, it should be remembered that sturgeon and sterlet are prohibited to catch by regional rules. As well as, trout and lenok. Which are included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, so it is better to take care of the license in advance or let the banned fish back into the water. But there are good news: no prohibitions on taking taimen (except spawning period). Only the minimum size of an individual is taken into account – 56 centimeters.

The catching of the taimen on spinning reminds of a fascinating confrontation and gives a lot of impressions. It and grayling are caught with the use of wade fishing, when the fisherman enters the reservoir in a special overalls. Or boots, lifting the turbidity from the bottom and throwing the spinning in the place where there are areas of turbid and pure water. Fishermen are ready to travel to remote rivers of Krasnoyarsk krai for the trophy taimen. The Nizhnaya Sarchikha, Sarchikha, Sukhaya Bakhta, Bakhta, Tynep, Yelogai.


The animal world of the region is incredibly diverse. Which is explained by the huge length of the region and the presence of areas with different vegetation, relief and climate. Altogether there live about ninety species of animals and 375 birds. Local game animals are roe deer, maral, musk deer, reindeer. Elk, bears, beavers, wolves, wild boars, lynxes, sables, rabbits, squirrels and wolverines. The fixed hunting grounds of Krasnoyarsk krai are located on 126 million hectares of land.

Hunting is conducted in seven zones, and the opening dates of the hunting season are spaced from each other zone consecutively for 10 days. So, in the spring of 2015, a 10-day hunting period was opened from April 25 for 7 times, until the last one ended on June 10th. Spring hunt was allowed for the brown bear, waterfowl and upland game (geese, drake ducks, wood grouses and black grouses). Brown bears in spring can be hunted for a month and a half since mid-April.

Hunting in Krasnoyarsk krai for waterfowl in autumn opens approximately on August 28 and continues until the end of the year except for Idrinsky and Minusinsky districts.

Where it ends earlier – on the last day of October. The season for the forest game ends in the middle of January in the center and southern regions. And at the end of February – in the northern regions. In some territories, in 2014, a shooting of roe deer and birds. Wood grouse, black grouse and others – was temporary forbidden for the sake of restoring numbers. White or tundra ptarmigans are allowed to be hunted from the third Saturday of August to the 20th of April.