Krasnodar krai was formed on September 13, 1937. On the basis of the territories occupied before the revolution by the Kuban region and the Black Sea province. The historical name of the region is Kuban, and its capital is the city Krasnodar. 

The history of the Kuban goes back for many millennia, its fertile lands long since attracted people. Scythians, Cimmerians, Sarmatians, Meotians, Cumans, Khazars, and Nogais roamed the expanses of its boundless steppes. Ancient Greeks and medieval Genoese laid their cities and trading posts on the shores of the Black and Azov Seas. The legendary ancient Russian principality Tmutarakan was founded here. Hunting and fishing in Krasnodar krai choose it and enjoy.


Krasnodar krai is the most popular resort and tourist region of Russia. Every year, millions of Russians and residents of the CIS countries come here for vacation and treatment. Natural and climatic conditions and historical sights of the Greater Sochi area, which have no equal in Russia, create all the conditions for the development of a unique tourist and recreational complex. Hunting and fishing in Krasnodar krai for you.

The eloquent acknowledgment of this fact has become the victory of Sochi in the struggle for the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, what made feel proud the residents of the city, as well as all people of the Kuban. A full complex of sports and recreational facilities, a large-scale reconstruction of the city, upgrade of the transport and social infrastructure were made for the Olympics here. That allowed not only to adequately receive the athletes and guests of the Olympics, but also to fully demonstrate the potential of the city of Sochi, to create on its territory a world-class resort.

Krasnodar krai is amazingly rich in water resources and is famous not only for the sea coast, but also for freshwater lakes. Some of these lakes are so small and difficult to access because of their location high in the mountains, that only few chosen locals know about their purest water and scenic views. The famous lakes of the Krasnodar krai include: the largest lake in the North Caucasus, Abrau;

The most beautiful lake Kardyvach, which tourists like visiting; Lake Khanskoye, which is famous for its mud; karst lake Cheshe, which feeds exclusively on springs; as well as the Ryaboye, Psenodakh and bitter-salty Uzezhinskie lakes. Shallow water reservoirs of the Krasnodar krai, called limans, with a total number of about three hundred, are also interesting places. The coastal strip of the Sea of ​​Azov almost entirely consists of limans, reed beds and small lakes, where live about 114 species of various fish, among which catfish, pike, perch, sander, common and bighead carp, bream.


Dozens of reservoirs and connecting hydraulic structures were built in the region, so even the steppe expanses of the fertile land are well watered. In addition to the Krasnodar “sea” and the main channel, the river Kuban has several backwaters. In most of such city attractions you are not allowed to swim, but you can fish. Perch, crucian carp, pike, sander, common bream, rutilus, common carp and a good smelt are available in the lakes, reservoirs and canals.

Fishing in Krasnodar krai is not limited to the huge water system of the river Kuban. In total there are 13000 running water reservoirs on this land. Laba, Belaya, Urup, Mzymta, Eya, Biesug, Kirpili, Pshish and other large rivers flow through the region. In addition to predatory fish, there is a lot of trout.

Sea fishing in Krasnodar krai (from boats and motor boats) has taken a worthy place among the local types of resort leisure. There is a mullet and carangidae in the local waters. Especially persistent one may catch a crab.

Restrictions are connected with the prohibition of catching spike sturgeon, drum, lamprey, beluga, sterlet and stoan loach. Fishing in the Krasnodar krai is allowed all year long except for the spring ban from March 1 to May 31.


Hunting in Krasnodar krai is based on shooting in 34 hunting grounds, where you can hunt wild boar, Siberian roe deer, several species of deer, hare, fox, raccoon dog, other peltry, Caucasian tour, duck, goose, black goose (branta), marsh and meadow steppe flow, cormorant and woodcock. Payment is provided for the shooting of crows, wolves and jackals.

Hunting in the region is related to the seasons. Thanks to the Mediterranean and subtropical climate in some areas, the hunting “schedule” differs from the timetables in other regions of the Russian Federation. The bear is hunted from April to May and from October to November (inclusive). It is forbidden to hunt pregnant mothers. Do not risk hunting for this animal in the remote mountains of Bambaka. Frequent sudden frosts, fogs, a lot of places everywhere that can be cut off by spills of mountain rivers and the descent of small avalanches.

That’s why the hunter here is more often a bear himself. Autumn is a long-awaited time for a hunter. The hunting season starts from the last week of September and ends at the end of December. The main trophy, of course, is waterfowl: mallard, northern shoveler, goose, all kinds of teal,  common goldeneye, netta, cormorant, sandpiper. A month after the beginning of hunting for waterfowl. The shooting season for rabbits opens, in November – for foxes and raccoons. Hunting for fur animals will last til the end of January. As for wolves and jackals, it is allowed to shoot them year-round, but with the availability of a hunting license.

Hunting in Krasnodar krai is limited by certain prohibitions. In this territory, it is forbidden to shoot out the vanishing animals. All birds of prey, chamois, otter, lynx, the Caucasian forest cat, mountain bison, Persian leopard and marbled polecat.