The administrative center of the Komi Republic is the city of Syktyvkar. Winter is long and cold, short summer is warm in the south and cool in the northern districts. The nature here is taiga that is more typical of the Ural region than the extreme north. The most part of the territory is occupied by the basins of flat rivers: Pechory, Vychegda, Mezeni, Vashki.

There are some of the largest peat bogs in Europe on the territory of the republic, and the mountains of the Polar Urals complement these beautiful lands with their harsh beauty. The bottom of relict taiga lakes is also covered with huge stones. In a word, nature, flora and fauna of Komi is the desired goal of any extreme tourist and wildlife researcher. Fishing and hunting in the Komi Republic for you.


Fishing in the Komi Republic is concentrated in three main rivers – Pechora (the water bowl within the Komi borders is at least 300 sq. Km.), Mezen and Vychegda. These are the largest rivers in the region. There you can catch a whitefish, muxun, grayling, lenok, nelma and salmon, without any problems. However 9 more reservoirs are in the list of fairly large rivers – the long Sysola, Vyym and Izhma, the winding Usa, the cataracted Ilych, the fast Sob, the rich in picturesque banks Unya, the Vidziu near the “main” road and the mysterious Pizhma (salmon is often met there) . Sterlet was hit from the Kama River into the Vychegda basin during the unsuccessful construction of the canal.

Fishing in the Republic of Komi is not complete without trips to the lakes. There are 78 thousands of them here (the Komi is considered to be a lake country). The largest drainage reservoirs are Sindyorskoye, Yamozero, Bolshoy Khar Bey Ty, Don Ty, Kadomsky, Vad, Dodzskoe, Vejako Ty, Vadyp Ty, Smolnoye. The mountain lakes include Bolban Ty (Upper and Lesser), Goluboye, Telpios, Dlinnoye and many others. The deepest of the dammed is the Torgovoye Lake. There are ide, pike, burbot, roach, perch and carp of impressive size in high-rise reservoirs. Tundra (north-eastern) lakes are rich in muksun and grayling. Fishing and hunting in the Komi Republic

Fishing in the Republic of Komi has some limitations. First of all, we are talking about seasonal prohibitions – in spring it is forbidden to fish at spawning pits and using more than two fishing rods. Secondly, several representatives of the northern ichthyofauna – Atlantic salmon, omul, chir, nelma, taimen and Siberian sturgeon – are in the Red Book of the Republic of Komi. Though, it is rather difficult to meet them in our time. These delicious fish were intensively procured in old times, when the herring and ramming, for example, were not at all admitted to be part of nourishment.


Hunting in the Republic of Komi is of special interest for those who are whale at the most longstanding fur trapping. Arctic and common foxes, muskrat, nutria, sable, ermine, marten, squirrel – all these kinds of animals will be met on the territory of large local lands. Fur shooting starts in July and ends in February (each game animal has its own deadline).

Reindeer – the “king” of the polar region – is found only in the north-east of the region. Hunting for it has a number of restrictions, which should be known for sure. The bear is available from the middle of August to the end of May (there are 3 hunting stages associated with different sex and age groups of this beast, including game driving to oat field). The shooting of this fearsome predator in the north of the region is already allowed all year round, because it keeps the entire population in awe. Hunting for a hare with dogs begins in the second half of September. Every year it ends at different times.

In total, there are 15 hunting farms in the region. Many of them can brag of moose, its numerous populations live in the taiga zone of the republic. Hunting for this animal longs only a month – from 1 to 30 September. Usually 1100 to 1200 individuals are provided for shooting. Events are held at a roar. Young males are allowed to be shot only from January 1 to February 1.

Forest wildfowl (black grouse, woodcock, wood grouse, hazel grouse) is available to hunters almost all year round. Shoot these species of birds People travel to different forest areas of the republic to shoot these species, where there are no serious temperature fluctuations – Syktyvtinskoye, Koygorodskoye, Sysolskoye, Kortekorosskoye, Ust-Vymskoye, Ust-Kulomskoye, Udorskoye and Knyazhpogostskoye municipalities.

Hunting in the Republic of Komi prohibits the shooting of animals recorded in the Red Book of the Komi Republic. These include some hares (northern pika and long-eared bat), as well as several species of birds. A black-throated loon is among them.