Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (KhMAO) or Yugra occupies almost 535 thousand km² in the center of Eurasia and the West Siberian lowland. Being territorially part of Tyumen region, Yugra retains independence as a subject of the Russian Federation, that is why it has its own power structures, represents in state bodies and has the right to put forward new laws.


Yugra, littered with lakes and riddled with river ribbons, attracts a lot of anglers. Here you can find a fish of high value – sturgeon, nelma, sterlet, muxun, white broadfish, peled. Sturgeon is included into the Red Book and is forbidden to catch. Lenok, nelma, taimen, muxun, sterlet, peled, white broadfish are caught under the license.

More than 40 species, that inhabit the waters of the Yugra, are allowed to fish, including nelma, white broadfish, tugun, omul, sterlet, peled, muxun, whitefish, pike, roach, burbot, ide, dace, bream, ruff, perch, silver and gold crucian carp. Carp is bred in the cooled water reservoirs of the Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk thermal power plants.

Describing the catch fishermen write in their reports not only about buckets, but also bags full of fish, telling that fish is caught everywhere and at any time of the day and year, though during the «big water» period the clods of midges, mosquitoes and nemesis spoil the pleasure. After water withdrawal, fishing in KhMAO becomes much more pleasant. At the end of summer and beginning of autumn, the “licensed” fish – nelma, sturgeon and muksun, go upstream of the Ob for spawning, but it is important not to fish in forbidden periods that differ for various distrcits and reservoirs. At the end of autumn, the pike, pelyad, burbot and ide are caught well in the Ob, but even more in small rivers and lakes, such as the river Chemcherega, which is full of pike.

The most fishy and inaccessible water reservoirs of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District can be reached only in winter, that’s why the ice fishing in Yugra is very popular. Among these are the Lake Endra, only 80 kilometers away from the district center through urmans and marshes. In winter, you can get there by the winter road, avoiding a helicopter. At Yendra, trophy perches and pikes, some of which often weight from 10 to 17 kilograms, are waiting for fishermen. There is also peled, which was artificially divorced.

Good winter fishing is possible on the Ob, as well, where ice sometimes forms almost ten meters thick. Pikes, sterlet, ide and other fish, which are lack of oxygen, literally jump out of the cut holes, falling into the hands of fishermen.


Yugra forests are habitats of fur and ungulate fauna, including: martens and ermines, sables and ferrets, minks and weasels, polar foxes, lynxes, otters, Siberian weasels, squirrels, foxes, hares, muskrats, moose, boars, deer, roe deer. Among predatory hunters are more interested in sables, brown bears, ermines, wolves, arctic foxes, red foxes, martens, caresses; of cloven-hoofed – in deer and moose. Among the rodents, the desired prey are squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, muskrats. In total, 27 species of mammals are allowed to be hunted. Wolverines and river beavers are included into the Red Book.

Wildfowl is represented by partridges, grouses, black grouses, capercaillies, ducks, waders, geese, quails, corncrackers, snipes, dopes, woodcocks, curlews and other birds.

It is prohibited to shoot and catch birds from the Red books of all levels: curly pelican, black stork, flamingo, golden eagle, Siberian Crane, goosefish, osprey, white-tailed eagle and others.

Work is carried out on breeding mink, blue fox, silver-black fox to restore their population. Only fixed hunting grounds in the region make up about 40 thousand hectares.

A zest of the organizers of trophy hunting in KhMAO is the bear hunting in the den and hunting without a gun. And other weapons on the fox when you need to catch it up alive barehanded riding on a snowmobile.

Most often hunting parameters in Tyumen region coincide with the district ones. Sometimes the hunting period in Yugra can be shifted due to fires or weather conditions. Hunting in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is regulated by the governor of the district. Who determines the acceptable time and methods of hunting, approves the limits of hunting resources.


Vacation in Yugra in winter, on its own, is already an extreme, and the weather makes you move actively. Residents of Yugra and its guests know how to enjoy life in all its demostrations. They enjoy kiteing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, quad biking, mountain and cross-country skiing, ice fishing. Active vacationers go hiking, conquer the peaks, ride horses, reindeer and dogs. Learn how to row on the oblas – traditional dugout boats. Rafting on catamarans along the Northern Sosva, Nyaysa, Hulga, Lyapin, Polyarnaya, the Naroda River and Tykotlov. Most of the alloys are combined with trophy fishing for grayling and taimen.

Tourism in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Disctrict is connected with the inaccessibility of many interesting places. What turns hiking and rafting into real expeditions, which often begin with a helicopter or an all-terrain vehicle.