Kaluga region, which is part of the Central Federal District, is located south-west of Moscow and is adjacent to Tula, Moscow, Bryansk, Orel and Smolensk regions. Kaluga region is on the way from Moscow to the western Black Earth, Smolensk, Ukraine and Belarus. Historically, the lands of Kaluga region were kept on the fault line – between the Moscow and Lithuanian principalities, who had argued for these territories for a long time. It is known that Moscow won.

The proximity to the capital is the main feature of the region that determines its life. The distance from Kaluga to Moscow is only 188 km. The north-eastern regions closest to Moscow are oriented to the capital. Important transport routes connecting Moscow with Kiev and the Crimea go through Kaluga.

There are also large rivers – Oka, Ugra, Zhizdra and Bolva and Protva (there is an artificial reservoir Lanshinsky career at the mouth of the Protva, on the other side of the Oka). There are large and small perch, pike and pike perch in these rivers and a career.  In general, over 2000 rivers flow through the territory of the region. That is why fishing in Kaluga region is a tempting goal for travel. There are also protected areas – “Kaluga Zaseki”, National Park “Ugra”.


Fishing in Kaluga region is good on countless lakes, the most famous of which are Besdon, Sosnovoye, Bezymyannoye, Galkino and Svyatoye. Bezdon is located within the boundaries of the settlement Zaitseva mountain – pike, bream, podleschik and roach inhabit here. The Sosnovoye is located in Zhizdren district – between the villages of Dubrovka and Nikitinka. It is inhabited by a different ichthyofauna, the most common representative of which is carp. For those who are interested in exciting fishing, one should not forget about smaller lakes, reservoirs and ponds. Most often, residents of local cities travel to the banks of the river source of Chichery (the village of Barsuki of the Zhukovsky district). On its picturesque banks (in the spruce-birch forest) fishermen slowly wait for roach and crucian carp.

In Kaluga region, you are forbidden to fish in the wintering pits of the rivers Oka, Zhizdra, Protva, Resa, Bolva and Nepolot (the list of sections of channels is published on the Internet).

Fishing in Kaluga region is also known for trips to the banks of reservoirs. The largest of them – Bryn, Verkhne-Kirovskoye, Lompad, Milyatinskoye and Yachenskoye (the last is in Kaluga). There is a big pike here.


Hunting in Kaluga region is well combined with a weekend trip (or a multi-day group rest on one of the local, equipped with everything necessary, bases). And those who are still attracted by the romance of the harsh man’s life, are waiting for the 98 reserves of the region, which organize field campings. Hunting farms are located in all districts of the region, with some exceptions (in the Borovo district, as well as the urban districts of Obninsk and Kaluga, hunting is impossible due to the high level of urbanization of these places).

Hunting in Kaluga region has some specialization in the terrain (landscape). Furs are taken in the southern and northwestern parts of the region, waterfowl – in swamp-lake Peremyshl, Ludinensky and Zhizdren districts. To shoot ungulates and wild boar hunters go to the grounds, hidden among the high hills of Spas-Demensky district and dense mixed forests of the Iznoskovsky district. Flying game in spring is available in every corner of the region.

Hunting in Kaluga region is interesting for the woodcock – the season is open since April. The best opportunities in this regard are given by the marsh and lake areas of the Zhizdren District, located on the border with the natural landscape of Bryansk Forest.

In broad-leaved forests of the Maloyaroslavets district, a hunt for a hare and a fox is organized, as well as shooting a wild boar from the towers. The bases here are designed not just for hunters, but also for their entire family. They are equipped with playgrounds, landscaped beaches, comfortable housing stock (houses, saunas, barbecue areas).

In Kaluga region it is forbidden to hunt in many parts of the reserves of Ugra, Tarusa and Kaluga Zaseki. There are habitats of animals of the Red Book, such as bison and lynx.