The Republic of Kalmykia is located in the extreme south-east of the European part of Russia. The climate of Kalmykia is arid and sharply continental. Most part of the republic is located in the Caspian lowland, which is a semi-desert plain. Unique natural monuments, reserved places, rich vegetation and rare birds are concentrated Kalmykia. It is a place where the Great historical crossroads, the geographical center of the Euro-Asian continent, are located.

The development of tourism in the Republic of Kalmykia is greatly facilitated by an advantageous geographical position. One of the specific features of the Kalmykia tourist product is its exotic nature, associated with unique natural complexes, particularity of ethnography, historical and cultural environment of the republic. Hunting and fishing in the Republic of Kalmykia for you.


Fishing in the Republic of Kalmykia is a “water hunt” on the banks of the Volga, Kuma, Manych, Yashkul and Egorlyk rivers. There not many fishing places, as only in these water basins water never disappears completely. Carp, pike, bream and perch can be found in the rivers in large numbers. On the shores of these reservoirs (especially on the Volga – in the territory of the Justinsky district, where there are equipped fishing recreation bases), there are a lot of thickets of cattail and reeds where fish of different breeds like to spawn … You can fish on the sources of the Sal-Djurak-Sale and Kara-Sale rivers .

Fishing in the Republic of Kalmykia also takes place on different lakes. Indeed, among the endorheic basins there are two water systems – Sarpinskaya in the north and Sostinskaya in the southeast. Gudilo (part of the Manych-Gudilo flow system), Big and Small Yashaltinskys, and Deed-Khulsun are the most famous lakes. Here (in addition to pike and perch) you can catch carp, bream, smelt and sander.

Fishing in the Republic of Kalmykia is also associated with the Chograisky and Proletarian reservoirs. A 167-kilometer stretch of the shore of the Caspian Sea also gives a joy. In these wide areas the fish reaches its largest size, and it is more convenient to fish here on boats. In these waters you can already find catfish and sturgeon.

Depending on the season, fishing in Kalmykia can be very lively – particularly on some lakes suitable for it. You can find special tourist bases and recreation centers, where different types of fishing are organized in Kalmykia. Here people fish in warm weather, as well as spinning in open water, on and off the ice. In the reservoirs live such species as perch, bream, crucian carp, sander, vobla, bighead carp and other fish that available for active fishing.


Hunting in the Republic of Kalmykia is an event on the wide expanses of 16 hunting farms, the largest of which is the Society of Hunters of the Yashalty District. Here, on the border with the Eastern Rostovshina,  all the animals that can be found in Kalmykia are represented. First of all, people come here for boar (which is bred here) and roe deer (its number is severely limited for shooting). Most hunting recreation centers (as well as some fishing) are located on the banks of the Manych-Gudilo water system. The wolf (here lives a big Caucasian type of this dangerous predator) is shot annually. Hare and fox are available (as everywhere else) from September. Field game is one of the most popular type of hunting in these places, in particular shooting wild goose can occur both in autumn and spring.

The Republic of Kalmykia is located in the very center of the Black Sea-Caspian flyway of birds. Which is one of the main in the European part of Russia. The number of wildfowl, as well as the duration of migration, depends on such factors, as the availability of food supply, the status of wetlands. Climatic conditions. The mass migration of waterfowl through the territory of the republic begins from the middle of October and lasts until ice-free.

Hunting for ducks and geese is carried out not only in the autumn, but also in the spring. Spring hunting for geese and geese, perhaps, is justified only by the fact that most of these birds nest and spend summer in the northern sparsely populated areas of our country. And shooting on the way of their flight is short-term and unprofitable. The spring shootings of drakes of various species of river and diving ducks (with sticks, duck calls and stuffed animals) are practiced very widely.

Hunting in the Republic of Kalmykia concerns restrictions on certain types of animals. The local Red Book contains a yellow gopher, caucasian mink, caucasian otter, caucasian reed cat. Saiga (this cloven-hoofed animal is immortalized as a stele at the entrance from Volgograd), as well as all predatory species of birds and lesser white-fronted goose.