The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is considered to be a promising place for fishing. Moreover your leisure will be best remembered not only for pleasant impressions of the region’s water resources, but also for amazing local nature beauty. Fishing and hunting in Kabardino – Balkar Republic for you.


The most popular fisherman place in the region is the river section located above the pumping local station. This river has a peculiar mountain character, and it flows through a beautiful forest. As a result, such fishing becomes pleasant and interesting, as the landscapes of the terrain include steep high banks, the presence of willow, alder and dog rose, growing near the water. In addition to steep high rivers, you can find gently sloping plains on this field. Fishing and hunting in Kabardino – Balkar Republic choose it and enjoy.

The relief is so diverse that you don’t have to wade through some places. There are steep cliffs on both sides of this forest river, and in the water itself there are multiple boulders and various cavities. Such conditions are considered favorable to many fish, in particular trout.

Fishing in this region is sure to be remembered for many years, and all because it is accompanied by an astonishing beautiful nature. This fact especially attracts the attention of tourists and experienced fishermen. The main republic’s water forest artery upstream is divided into three parts, each of which is very turbulent.

High in the mountains, water can darken and grow cloudy, as small stones fall into it, but for the most part, such a forest water area is bright and clean. It should be noted that trout is becoming the most desired trophy of local fishermen. All conditions are created here for its habitation and reproduction. These are different places for shelter, quite cool water, as well as an exceptional silence created by the lack of people.


Local anglers most often “hunt” exactly for trout, besides the conditions of fishing can be safely called wild and uncomfortable. Despite the fact that the forest area in the region is wild and uninhabited, grave silence is sometimes violated by heavy rains accompanied by a thunderstorm.

It is important to have a good relevant gear in advance while catching trout. Due to the fact that the flow of local waters is fast. It is recommended to use a flyweight not less than 20 gr. Perspective points are those where pits, depressions and vegetation are observed.