Ivanovo is called the city of brides. And this has its own truth, because the share of the female population in Ivanovo region is the highest in Russia – 55.3%. It so happened historically that Ivanovo became the center of the Russian textile industry, and since weavers were mostly women, men preferred to seek work in other cities. Hunting and fishing in Ivanovo region for you.


Ivanovo region is a gift for fishermen. There are 1500 rivers and streams, as well as 150 other reservoirs on its territory. Almost all contain certain representatives of the ichthyofauna.

If you type in the search engine “fishing in Ivanovo region”, fishing on the Volga (Gorky reservoir), Merya, Shacha and Kineshemka will be in the first lines. In the quiet pools of these river basins, a big catch is waiting for fishermen. In the fishing grounds of the Gorky reservoir there is lots of bream, common carp, crucian carp, mirror carp, as well as pike. There are perch, pike and pike perch in the Merya river.

The rivers Teza, Klyazma, Vyazma, Uvod (has a reservoir between the villages Khrabrovo and Khrebtovo), Luh, Yelnat, Shishegda and Nerl are considered to be medium rivers suitable for both passive and boat-fishing. The last one is known for a furious pike biting, all the rest  – for the rage of roach and ide.

Fishing in Ivanovo region also means angling lake dwellers. In the lakes of Lomskoye, Ponykhar and Zaborye (the Klyazma reserve). There are 30 species of fish (however, some of them are included in the Red Book). Not far from Lezhnev there is the Rubskoe lake, around which there are many fishing recreation centers and special piers. In the lakes Yuritskoye, Boburyanskoe and Petryaevskoye, as well as in peat quarries (Komsomolsky district), you can catch carp and pike.

Fishing in Ivanovo region is also possible on very small rivers – such as Ukhtoma, Kystega, Shokhma, Landekh, Parsh and Lulekh. But there is no sense to use a boat, as you’ll land on the bank.

Among the paid ponds (where the biting takes place in any case), the “Rybak” and “Ded Shchukar” are better known. The first of them is arranged near Yakshino (common carp and crucian carp are bred). The second one can be found near Mikhalevo (amur, common carp, crucian carp and mirror carp are caught).


Hunting in Ivanovo region is carried out in 46 different areas located. In the territories of almost all districts of the region. There are no appropriate places for hunting only near Ivanovo, as well as between Vichuga and Privolzhsky. Here shooting is not allowed due to the fact that settlements, recreation centers and objects of economic activity are almost everywhere. And there are almost no game mammals.

Hunting in Ivanovo region is most accessible in wildlife preserves located in mixed. Coniferous forests in the north and south of the region. In these thickets there are many wildfowl (black grouse, partridge and hazel grouse), as well as hare, muskrat, fox, badger, squirrel and moose.

It is forbidden to hunt on the territory of the Klyazma Reserve (its lake-marsh area is inhabited by the Red Book fauna, and its extermination is punished with the Criminal Rule).