Since ancient times hunting among Ingush mountaineers has been a revered occupation, showing men’s courage, endurance, observance and accuracy. They always hunted wild animals – turs, roe deer, bears, chamois, wild boars, wolves or feathered wildfowl. The most popular was hunting tur, which lived high in the mountains. Such hunting was dangerous because of the need to cling to a sensitive animal on narrow paths along the abysses.


Since that time, the fauna has changed little. In addition to the above-mentioned large beasts, lynx and wild forest cats live in forest beams, and foxes, hares, badgers, squirrels, caresses and martens live in the foothills. Hunted feathered wildfowl in Ingushetia includes wild geese and ducks, pheasants in river valleys, Caucasian grouse and mountain turkeys in mountain meadows.


Fishing in the region is carried out on mountain rivers, ponds and few small lakes, which are either formed in the lower reaches of Assy and Sunzha among thickets of cattail, bulrush and reed, or located high in the mountains and little studied.

You can catch the same fish in plain oxbows as in the rivers that formed them – sea trout, pike, carp, asp, pike perch and barbel. Trophy carp, which can reach twenty kilograms, inhabits ponds. Trout is abundant in mountain rivers.

Fishing in Ingushetia is carried out in accordance with the fishing rules, which prohibit the fishing of the nase, barber-murzak and fish from the Red Book of the Russian Federation. The rules limit the minimum length of taken fish, which is 32 cm for asp, 41 cm – pike perch, 37 cm – pike, 40 cm – common carp, 20 cm – trout, 25 cm – barbel (excluding Murzak). It is not allowed to catch crayfish less than 10 cm in length.

Fishing mainly goes on the rivers belonging to the Terek basin, which has more than a thousand tributaries originating in mountainous areas. All rivers of Ingushetia do not freeze in winter, therefore fishing goes on all the year except the spawning period from mid-April to mid-June. Brown trout is mostly caught in winter in the upper part of Assa, Fortanga, and Sunzha. Except for it, mudfish, minnow, gudgeon and Caucasian chub can be sometimes caught in summer. There is trout occasionally in the estuaries of the rivers, but every single year fewer.