The Chuvash Republic is a subject of the Russian Federation. Its capital is the city of Cheboksary. It borders with Nizhny Novgorod region in the west, the Republic of Mari El in the north, with Tatarstan in the east and with Mordovia and Ulyanovsk region in the south. The population is 1 236 247 people. The total area is 18 300 km ².


The region has a sufficient number of rivers and lakes, and some of its districts face the Cheboksary reservoir. Therefore, fishing in the Chuvash Republic promises to be interesting. The river Volga forms the basin. Its major tributaries are the Sura and Sviyaga. Those, in turn, have significant in length sleeves – Bezdna, Tsivil, Bula and Kubnya. The rivers Atratka (the tributary of the Bezdna near the village of Atraty) and Anish (the Volga tributary near the village of Soldybaevo) are also recognized to be fishy places. Pike, perch and catfish live in the flowing reservoirs of this region.

Good fishin in the Chuvash Republic also takes place on local lakes – the Bolshaya Balakhna, Syutkiule, Ale, Barash, Beloe and Izyar. Here you can catch a silver bream, rudd, sabre fish and bream.

There are some restrictions on fishing the Chuvash Republic related to the spring season (it is forbidden to take more than 2 fishing rods and fish on spawning pits – around the mouth of the Cheboksary reservoir). All kinds of lamprey and sturgeon, as well as river eel, are recorded in the Red Book of the Republic.


Hunting in the Chuvash Republic is an excellent chance to drive a hare, fox, wild boar, elk and wolf, and also to look for a beaver and a choir. Due to abundance of upland, meadow and moorfowl the hunting season is often prolonged.

Hunting in the Chuvash Republic is concentrated on the lands of 22 public hunting farms (the total area of ​​1,522,000 hectares). Hunting grounds are evenly distributed throughout the territory of this administrative unit. The main feature of local hunting industry is the popularity of hunting for goose and woodcock – there a lot of fields convenient for that purpose in the region.

Hunting in the Chuvash Republic is regulated by its own regime, as well as by a number of prohibitions. Among the wild game, a muskrat, otter, mink, lynx, bear, ermine and Siberian roe deer are included in the Red Book.