Сhub is a fish of the Cyprinidae family, lives in schools in flowing rivers with fast and average currents and cool water. Its is also found in the Black, Caspian and Baltic Seas.

Chub belongs to semi-predatory fish.

Fishing for a chub mostly takes place from July to September. In September, the fish gather in flocks and go to the bottom in winter. Spawning period starts since April in the southern rivers and May in the northern ending in June.

The best time for catching chub is morning and evening. It is important to ensure that the fish does not see either the fisherman or his shadow on the water, since the chub is rather tickle.

Chub is not fastidious, as depending on a season, it feeds on crustaceans, plants, mollusks, earthworms, May beetles and other insects. Large individuals eat frogs, small fish. Even voles and muskrats can become their prey hitting the water.

Chub is caught on a variety of baits, because of the abundant choices in its menu, for example,

  • cherry,
  • bread crust,
  • chafer,
  • shellfish,
  • small fish,
  • butterflies,
  • leeches.

Ways of fishing chub: fly fishing, spinning, ledgering.

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