Few will argue with the fact that the Chechen Republic has a surprisingly beautiful terrain. These are densely overgrown forests, unique mountain gorges and beautiful local water bodies, which are very popular with local fishermen. As for the Chechen lakes, the main ones are Gekhi-Am and Kozenoy-Am. The depth of the Gekhi-Am lake is 25 m, and it is mainly inhabited by trout of a large size.


This river is the largest in the republic, so it is not surprising that it is chosen by local fishermen. Rightly so, because there is a unique variety of fish in the river. Most often there is kutum, rudd, chub, perch and tench. You can even find carp, trout, salmon and catfish in the lower part of the current. In the lower part of the current and at all you can meet carp, trout, salmon and catfish.

Fishing on the Terek River is on the burner all year long. Only the most severe frosts, which are not common in the republic, can create some difficulties in the form of submerged land-fast ice. It is recommended to go fishing in spring or autumn, when such fish as nase, barbel and carp are activated.

An ordinary worm, fry, larvae and etc. is quite appropriate as a bait. But it is recommended to catch large specimens on bottom gear. The catfish, which laps it up well, is activated in August.


Though this river in the Chechen Republic is small, it is surprisingly beautiful, therefore causes an increased interest not only of local residents, but also of visitants.

The fact is that the river permeates the very capital of the republic, Grozny, that’s why city residents relax actively on its banks.


This river is mountainous, but downstream it acquires a flat character. In the warm season, floods are typical for it, and the lower part of the river is used by local residents to irrigate lands.

Fishing on Aksai will certainly appeal to every fisherman, since it is possible to fish here from the shore and from the water surface. In any case, a successful trophy will be guaranteed.

The fish population of Aksai is the same as in the rest of the water area of ​​Chechnya. For example, the rudd is very violent in these waters, so it is important to choose the right gear, and catch itself will become interesting and unusual. In general, you can use any bait for the rest of the fish.