Bryansk region is one of the westernmost regions of Russia, bordering at the same time with two states – Ukraine and Belarus. The administrative center is the city of Bryansk. The area of the region is 35 thousand square km.

Spread out in the expanses of the East European Plain, the region lies in the watershed of the Desna and Oka rivers. The rivers of Bryansk region belong to the Dnieper basin. There are 125 rivers in Bryansk region, as a whole their length exceeds 9 thousand km. Desna – the largest river in the region on which Bryansk stands, is a tributary of the Dnieper and flows into it six kilometers from Kiev.


As well as, the local forests are rich in mushrooms and berries, the reservoirs of Bryansk region are rich in fish. The army of organized anglers of the region exceeds 20 thousand people, and the annual catch of fish – 100 tons of live weight.

The ichthyofauna of lakes, rivers and ponds of Bryansk region includes more than 40 species of fish, two of which (sterlet and bullhead) are listed in the regional Red Book. Rudd, bream, crucian carp, white bream, pike, roach, common carp, tench are occurred widely. More and more seldom ide, catfish and asp are caught.

The most promising in terms of variety and size of the catch in Bryansk region are, of course, the main rivers of the region – Desna, Navya, Snezhet, Iput and others. No less interesting are the oxbow lakes and artificial ponds. Crucian carp and rudd are the most frequent catch here. For amateurs of comfortable fishing there is a rich choice of paid ponds, where common carp, trout, silver carp and other fish are bred.

Commercial catch doesn’t take place in the region pretty much, probably therefore natural reservoirs are still rich in fish. The Lakes Bezdonoe, Bytoshskoe, Svyatoe, Beloberezhskoe are rich in bream and rudd. A perch and a pike are caught on the lake Bechino, while on the lake Kozhany people go for a carp and cisco as well.

We can certainly say that fishing in Bryansk region is popular and diverse!


A significant part of the region (about a quarter of the total area) is covered with forests of a wide variety of types: coniferous, mixed, broad-leaved, and forest-steppe. Because of all this natural abundance of inaccessible forests and marshes, the wildlife of Bryansk region is also diverse. There are 200 species of birds solely! Probably, therefore, the number of hunting users in the region is growing, and the total area of ​​hunting grounds exceeds 3300 thousand hectares.

The excellent and varied food supply of forests and marshes allowed many animals to live in peaceful neighborhood. For example, brown bears live in almost all areas of the region, though, in single examples. Wolves, foxes, and specifically raccoon dogs, which were brought into the region, live in the forests. Wild boars, hares and squirrels, a growing population of martens, noble deer and moose are met everywhere in the forest.  Beavers settled in the region by themselves or with a help of supervisory services. Now often in the floodplains of rivers you can meet beaver lodges. Otter also does well in the region.

Birds settled on the wetlands and other water reservoirs of Bryansk region. The most popular in Bryansk region is hunting for waterfowl – mallard and teal. Snipe, woodcock, hazel grouse, corncrake and other birds become a frequent prey of local hunters. The migration routes of geese lie through Bryansk region, therefore flying geese are allowed for hunting in spring.

Despite the species diversity of Bryansk region fauna, only 35 animal species are allowed for hunting and fishing, including 15 birds. At the same time, elk, wild boar, spotted and European deer, beaver, otter and roe deer are licensed.