Belgorod region is spread on the fertile black earth soils of the southwestern part of Russia, occupying 27.1 thousand square km of its territory. The largest cities are Belgorod – administrative center, Stary Oskol, Gubkin.


The most popular area for fishing in Belgorod region is the medium and large rivers of the region – Seversky Donets (especially popular near Ukrainian lands, where it becomes wider with the middle course), Nezhegol, Vorskla, Tikhaya Sosna, Oskol, Potudan, Psyol and others, which can provide a good catch for the growing army of Belgorod fishermen. Hunting and fishing in Belgorod region for you.

But, although the river network of the region is relatively extensive, it consists mainly of small streams and rivers, up to 10 km long, so fishing in the Belgorod region often takes place on ponds and reservoirs. For example, Korochanskoe reservoir – is considered to be the largest in terms of area and one of the most fishy. Fish rising doesn’t depend on the season, at any time you can catch a decent take.

The reservoirs of Belgorod region are stocked with a low-value ichthyofauna, mostly bream, pike, and pike-perch become trophies, but perch, crucian carp and roach are found almost everywhere. Belgorod and Starooskolskoe reservoirs are well-known places among local fishermen, who come here from all over the area for a bream and a pike in winter and summer. Most ponds and reservoirs of the region are equipped with bottom drainage basins with fish traps, which are used for farming and fattening of commercial fish.

The main species is certainly carp, there are also trout farms. More often such farms become commercial fishing facilities, where paid fishing and recreation services are provided. Other popular places for amateur fishing in Belgorod region are numerous careers. Anglers usually go here for carp and perch, although other kinds of fish are also found.

More and more seldom Belgorod fishermen catch such kinds of fish like ide, asp, nase and chub.


Unfortunately, Belgorod region can’t boast of an abundance of forests, which occupy no more than 9% of the area of ​​the region, and marshes – their number is not more than 1%. In this regard, hunting in Belgorod region for marsh game is not as developed as in many other areas of the central region, and it is possible to get a goose in the Belgorod region only on the fly. For the same reasons, the livestock of the moose is cut annually and officially hunting for it is banned.

Nevertheless, hunters have something to go for in Belgorod region. There is still a large number of wild boar, even despite periodic outbreaks of African swine fever. Boar, roe deer, deer, fox, ermine, hare, marten. Marmot-baike are the main types of mammal game that are allowed to be hunted in Belgorod region.

The government of the region has developed programs for the reproduction and breeding of game animals and wildfowl. It is planned to open reproduction areas of aviary type. Where children and tourists are allowed to observe animals in their natural habitat, and then release animals into the wild. In addition, among the hunting users of Belgorod region there are the largest poultry factories. Which began the reproduction of feathered game for their own hunting grounds and for sale to other participants of hunting activities.

There are more than 25 million hectares of hunting grounds on the territory of the region. They are in all districts of the region. Hunting farms have taken care of comfortable conditions for hunting. For people who appreciate comfort, the hunting complex “Belorechye” is offered. Here, the services of a professional jaeger, transport services, as well as taxidermy are provided.