Badgers are small, wedge-shaped bodies, can be black, gold or white. They are related to ferrets, minks, otters, weasels and wolverines.

This animal can grow up to 20 to 34 inches (51 to 86 centimeters) long from head to tail. Its weigh is between 9 and 39 pounds (4 to 18 kilograms).

Badgers can run or gallop at 25–30 km/h (16–19 mph) for short periods of time.



The behavior of badgers differs by family, but all shelter underground, living in burrows called setts, which may be very extensive. Some are solitary, moving from home to home, while others are known to form clans called cetes. Cete size is variable from two to 15.


Badgers prefer dry, open grasslands, though they are very adaptable. Some also live in woods, quarries, hedgerows, sea cliffs and moorland.

Badgers have strong limbs and sharp claws that help them dig burrows and find food underground.


Badgers are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night and sleep during the day.

Recommended equipment:

For such hunting you should take with you all sorts of digging tools. It is also worth taking into account the fact that in some areas of the Russian Federation the burrow of badger holes is prohibited at the legislative level.

Also for hunting you can choose a trap. Which you cover after setting near a hole. In addition to the natural masking. The device must be cleaned of factory grease and other odors. Experienced hunters recommend potting it with branches of the conifer tree.

Hunting fire smooth-bore long-barreled arms;  firearm with a rifled barrel of caliber no more than 8 mm and a seating distance of not more than 51 mm (including a caliber of 5.6 mm for a rim-fire cartridge); hunting firearm combined weapons (smooth-bore and rifted gun), including with rebarreling and auxiliary rifled barrels of 5.6 mm caliber for rim-fire cartridge; traps (automatic traps), including deadfalls of various types, mole traps, cherkans (wooden traps for animals living in lodges), gin traps, snares, and other analogues of automatic traps, as well as nets, cages, live traps and etc; cold bladed hunting weapon.

It is allowed to use a hunting pneumatic weapon with a muzzle energy of no more than 25 J for taking a chipmunk. Ground squirrel, ground squirrel, hamster, water vole. Hunting for a lynx, badger, wolverine. Hare and beaver using a hunting firearm with a rifled barrel of 5.6 mm caliber for a rim-fire cartridge is not performed.

Methods of hunting permitted for use:

  • stalking,
  • ambush hunting,
  • using light devices,
  • trapping (automatic trap),
  • using hunting dogs


Badger fur has no high value. But still he is handsome in his own way. To the touch the fur is coarse, but very durable and warm, the awn is long and sparse, the underfur is soft and short.


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Hunting takes place on the territory of the Zelenodolsky District of the republic of Tatarstan near the city of Kazan

Hunting takes place on the territory of the Menzelinsky District of the republic of Tatarstan

Hunting takes place near the village of Shulgino on the territory of the Nyuksensky district of Vologda region

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