Astrakhan region is located in the south of Russia in the lower reaches of the Volga River near the Caspian Sea. By land, the region borders on Kazakhstan, on the sea – with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and also Kazakhstan

The cultural, business, pilgrimage, ecological, fishing-hunting, gastronomic and ethnographic types of tourism are actively developed in the Astrakhan region. Cruise tourism in the Astrakhan region is one of the most promising types. On the territory of the region. A large number of mineral water sources has been identified on the territory of the region. What is the basis of medical and health tourism in the region.


It won’t be enough to say that fishing in the Astrakhan region is  attractive. In the south of the region, such a big amount of fish gathers up, that the fans of river fishing cross thousands of kilometers in order to quickly reach the Volga-Akhtuba spill (banks). The largest of them are bank Bakhtemir, bank Staraya Volga, bank Baklan, bank Gandurino, Nikitinsky Bank, and also the central estuary of the Volga River. Hunting and fishing in Astrakhan region – choose it and enjoy.

In the far west, they people are called to fish in the natural boundary of the Volga-Caspian canal. The only condition for traveling in the southern parts of the region is the presence of a boat or a launch. The further you go south – the less land is left… Fishing here is famous for sturgeon, pike, perch, ide, pike perch, sander, common & white bream, bleak, “dushman” (a type of crucian carp) and even catfish.

Northern fishing in the Astrakhan region is more traditional and does not require the use of individual small vessels. There are no spills north of Narimanov. There are only the Volga, Akhtuba and their old riverbeds. They are located between these two ponds. No part of their interfluve is isolated. The rivers are not so wide, and bridges connect different banks  everywhere. There are also convenient lakes – in the lower reaches they are called “ilmeni” and “kutluki”. The most popular kutluk is Krasinsky (south-east of Krasa).

Visitors should refuse to buy black caviar or carcasses of caspian kutum (which are offered at every step) in the local places. Finding such a trophy in the car is an occasion to apply serious sanctions against you … It is also worth remembering: the Red Book includes burbot, Caspian trout, beloribitsa, Caspian vimba, short-headed Caspian beetle, kutum, Volga herring, Caspian lamprey and spike sturgeon.

The best places for fishing in the Astrakhan region are Kirovsky, Glavny, Nikitinsky, Tishkovsky and other banks. The choice of a specific place for angling depends on many factors, including weather conditions, the possibility of maneuverability of the boat and, of course, the object of fishing. Many fishermen catch catfish, asp, pike, perch and sander with the help of spinning, and common and crucian carp, bream, vobla – with the help of other fishing tackles. Many fishermen have their own secrets of bait for perch and pike and have favorite methods of fishing. It is best to go fishing in the spring or in the Indian summer. The spring is a guarantee of a successful hike, and the fish in the autumn period is very heavy.

As it was already mentioned, fishing in this area in the spring will please every fisherman with catching carp, which are prepared for spawning, and catfish, which have woken up after a winter sleep. Beginning from the early spring to the end of the autumn period sander and asp are caught well. From the beginning of April to the end of May, the reservoirs of the Astrakhan region are full of breams, and in the middle of April, when the vobla spawns, you can enjoy an excellent catch of this type of fish.

Do not forget about winter fishing. Bad luck in fishing in the delta of the Volga almost never happens, neither for beginners, nor for professionals. Here you can find such a great abundance of different types of fish, to such an extent, that  everyone will be lucky.

We may continue talks about fishing in the Astrakhan region, but any stories and descriptions can’t replace personal experience. Every true fisherman must come here at least once in his life and feel the beauty of genuine fishing, which takes place only here.


Hunting in the Astrakhan region has a different character in each landscape. If you have to pursue the animals in the semi-desert in the north and east part of the region. Then on the floods of the south, where the whole landscape consists of isolated pieces of land, animals squeeze on small patches, especially during high water. It is used by poachers who ignore all spring bans …

Hunting in Astrakhan region is praised for waterfowl and field hunting. Pheasant, goose, numerous varieties of ducks, and a gray partridge are here in abundance. Hunters of the region also get peltry –fox, hare, corsac, as well as raccoon dog, wolf and even a jackal. The season falls on the autumn-winter months. It begins in September with the shooting of waterfowl birds. This entertainment is traditionally the most popular in this corner of Russia. The abundance of wetlands in the floodplain between the Volga and Akhtuba. In the steppe ilmens on the west coast, on the huge ripples of the Caspian Sea, attracts all fowl to Astrakhan.

As for field game, the conditions for pheasant hunting here differ from the conventional ones. Thickets of the bramble, reeds and typha hide not only the bird itself, but also the dogs on the counter. In view of this. The presence of an electronic device on the collar is a good help during such an event.

Hunting for peltry is fascinating and even useful for health. For example, hunting for a hare and a fox takes place on the borders with Kazakhstan and Kalmykia, on the territory of the impassable steppe (where it is often necessary to jump over obstacles). So the hunter, in fact, passes the standards for athletics.

Shooting a lesser white-fronted goose, all types of swans, brent geese and herons. As well as birds of prey is strictly prohibited in Astrakhan region.