Amur snakehead differs from other aquatic predators by its unique ability to survive, which is an envy of most fish, as well as, snakes, which are akin to snakeheads

This fish, occuping a water area, actively protects its territory, attacking any living thing within reach and regardless of its size. In doing so, he attacks his victim with such zeal that does not leave her a chance to escape.

Snakehead is a dangerous predatory fish, which impresses deeply with its sizes and fearless character. Because of its appearance, it has several nicknames, such as: a green snake, a frogbit, a snake head, a dragon.

The home grounds of this predator are the rivers of the Far East (Yangtze and Amur). The fish loves inhabiting swamps, overgrown with reeds and algae, as well as, full of snags and grass.

The largest lake in Primorsky Krai – Khanka is notable for a high population of snakeheads. There are so many of them that biologists are seriously concerned about the possible extinction of some species of fish that live in the lake. Local fisheries focus their efforts on reducing the population of predatory fish in this area.

Fishing for a snakehead is an interesting activity that has some special characteristics. To catch this fish you need to use proven methods of fishing, because it is a very specific predator.

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