Amur Pike (Esox reicherti) is a freshwater predatory fish of the Esocidae family


Amur pike is found all over the basin of the Amur River, from the head to the mouth. It can be also found in all rivers flowing into the Amur, but it rarely swims to the upper reaches of mountain streams. Amur pike is also perfectly acclimatized on the Sakhalin, in the numerous rivers of the island.

You can catch Amur pike throughout the year, from early spring to early autumn, except for the spawning period. But the best time for taking this species is spring and autumn. Fishermen mostly use such gears as spinning, zherlitsa (kind of a fishing tackle), circles and various types of float and wire rods are very popular.

Spin fishing Amur pike is an interesting and exciting affair. Spinning tool is selected depending on the type of water basin. If the water basin is sufficiently overgrown and of small size, it is recommended to choose a rod in length from 1.8 to 2.1 m and vice versa, if fishing is carried out in a clean place, the rod is selected from 2.4 to 2.8 m. Preference should be given to the use of fixed-spool reel with a fishing line or, best of all, a braided cord from 0.15 to 0.25 mm in diameter. As a bait you can use: spinner or blinker, silicone twisters, various types of wobblers, poppers, and also live-lure.

In spring, when the water is not very warm yet, Amur pike hides in snags and algous river bars. The bait should be carried out along the coastal bushes. Sawyers sticking out of the water, as well as, border line of overgrown parts of the river and open water. Where this predator generally hides. Wiring bait should remind a pike of wounded or tired fish, so combine fast and slow rewind by jerks different in strength and intensity. And when you learn how to make such different combinations, neither of Amur pike will be able to resist you!

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