Amur catfish, as well as another representative of the Far East – Soldatov’s catfish, are large predatory fish. Though the size of Amur catfish is much smaller.


The main habitat of the Amur catfish, comes out of its name, and, of course. It is the Amur River, as well as, rivers and lakes flowing into it.

The Amur catfish is a heat-loving species of fish, like the whole family of catfish. So during summer it loves being in warm coastal areas of water basins or freshets with muddy ditch water. With the advent of autumn and the onset of first frosts. The Far Eastern catfish goes to deeper places in water basins full of dents. Pits where it hides and spends the coming winter.

Catching Amur catfish is a fascinating and interesting activity. Basically, fishermen use ledgering, float fishing, and, of course, spin fishing to catch it. Talking about spinning, it should be solid and rather rigid. So that it would be convenient to take up a large fish from the depths. The rod can be selected in length from 2.1 to 2.4 meters with a test curve of 50 grams and above. As a fishing line we suggest using a braided cord with a diameter of 0.25-0.35 millimeters. It is better to take a multiplier reel, so it holds well possible strong jerks of catfish.

In spring during high water period, when the water has not yet warmed up, it is better to use earthworms as a bait or try as a lure such small fish as minnow, verkhovka or sawbelly. As summer sets in, a dead sparrow, preliminary left lying for several days, a frog or a large grasshopper, are good as a bait.

Before you find a catfish place of living in a water reservoir, you will have to re-spin a fishing rod for several times in search of it. While taking a catfish, it is worth trying to pull it away from the bottom at one stroke. Since in the first minutes it tries to hide under a large stone, a log or in snags, and this will almost nullify your chances to catch it.

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