Each hunter must know

Hunting, like other types of outdoor activities, has never been classified as cheap entertainment. The relatively high cost of hunting is caused not only by the danger of turning animals into beating in mass occupation, but also by strict safety requirements. Only in this case, rest will be comfortable and memorable.

The cost of hunting includes delivery to the hunting site, provision of communication facilities. Obviously, we can not save on transport and communications. Because in this case we would save on security. Also the price includes the services of the rangers, ready, depending on the situation, to act as experienced advisers, competent organizers or reliable assistants. Adviceses for hunters

Customers should be sure that their investments in the ticket will pay off with an impeccable organization of hunting and observance of safety rules.

Each hunter must know that in Russia it is forbidden:

the use of small-caliber rifles and carbines for a side-fire cartridge for amateur hunting. As well as for the production of brown bears and wild ungulates;

extraction of wild ungulates and brown bears for amateur hunting when crossing them thr

ough water bodies or using self-made guns;

the use on the hunt of pneumatic weapons, bows, crossbows, crochets, as well as trap potholes and guarded rifles;

the use of hunting firearms unregistered in the organs of internal affairs on hunting;

the use of networks, belts, hinges, tents for amateur hunting, as well as the use of any kind of chemical preparations (except for odorous baits), explosives.  Tape recorders and other apparatus that reproduce the attracting sounds for the production of birds;

the use of light devices for the extraction of birds;

the use of motor vehicles for the pursuit and extraction of any animal species. As well as shooting from all types of motor vehicles, except for shooting from floating equipment with the engine off;

collection of eggs and the destruction of nests of wild birds, destruction and excavation of permanent housing of fur animals.

In the production of legal hunting, it is permitted:

partially destroy the muskrat huts and burrows;
to open any shelter for small fur-bearing animals;
use small nets (lures, gloves, nets, etc.) with the direct participation of a hunter when mining small fur-bearing animals, foxes, raccoon dogs, badgers;
digging the narrow wells to the holes of foxes, raccoon dogs, badgers in order to help the dogs working in the burrow.

After the hunt, the excavated areas of burrows should be repaired and buried.

The hunter is administratively responsible for:

finding a loaded gun in populated areas;
shooting at a distance of 100 meters from the shelter;
participation in hunting or finding with the collected weapons in a state of intoxication;
shooting at the hunting round the shooting line, at which the projectile passed closer than 10 meters from the other arrow;
finding on any motor vehicles with loaded weapons (except for hunting from boats and boats with the engine off);
transportation of collected uncapped weapons on motor vehicles, tractors, tractors and motorcycles, except for cases of hunting wild ungulates.

Hunting with dogs

When hunting for hunting, hunting and catching wild animals and birds, hunting dogs are allowed. All dogs that are with the hunter in the hunting grounds must be inscribed on the hunting ticket or have a certificate of registration in the veterinary authorities.

The timing of the use of hunting dogs of different breeds and the order of their training. And fit are established by local hunting rules.

It should be remembered that if a dog hunted a beast outside the hunting farm. In which the hunter has a proper hunting permit. When hunting and recalling a dog in another territory. He must be with a discharged and dismantled gun.

Owners of dogs bear legal responsibility for damage caused to the state hunting fund by their dogs, except for cases of pulling and striking. Conducted in accordance with the established procedure.