Gigantic Moose (Alaska moose or Chukotskiy moose)

Moose are striking in appearance because of their towering size, black colour, long legs, pendulous muzzle, and dangling hairy dewlap (called a bell) and the immense, wide, flat antlers of old bulls.

Chukotka Moose the largest moose in Asia, with extraordinary large antlers. This moose is very similar to the moose of Alaska. Chukotka moose males are same size females, but the males’horns are much biggest. The body weight  of moose about 650-800 kg (1430-1760 lb). Its height at the withers is about 200-224 sm (6’6.74’’ – 7’22’’). The horh weight about 22-45 kg (48,5-100 lb)



These mammals mainly browse on vegetation, rather than grazing on grasses for the bulk of their diet. As herbivores, they consume a wide variety of plants, fruits, and seeds. Most of their diet consists of flowering plants. They also feed fresh shoots from growing trees and aquatic vegetation.

The species of plants consumed can vary greatly based on the geographical location. These massive animals can strip an entire branch of leaves, or pull a dandelion from the ground, roots and all, using its sensitive and dexterous upper lip.


These animals are rather picky when it comes to their home turf. They prefer areas that have lots of acceptable food. And plenty of hiding places from predators. Oh, and it can’t be too hot, or too terribly cold either! The ideal habitat for this animal has mature forest for use as shelter. Young forest for optimal browsing, a water source with aquatic vegetation, and access to mineral licks.

Methods of hunting permitted for use:

  • stalking,
  • using wheel transport,
  • ambush hunting, corralling,
  • overtaking,
  • using dogs of hunting breeds, except for hounds

Permitted hunting tools:

Hunting firearm with a rifled barrel of caliber not less than 5 mm (but not more than 10 mm) and a chamber length of at least 39 mm (using a caliber of 5.6 mm for a rim-fire cartridge is permitted only for hunting musk deer); and hunting fire smooth-bore long-barreled arms, including threaded length no more than 140 mm (only using bullet cartridges); also hunting firearm combined weapons (smooth-bore and rifted gun), including with rebarreling and auxiliary rifled barrels; cold bladed hunting weapon. It is allowed to hunt for roe deer, musk deer and fallow deer using buck shot.


On average the antlers of a Chukotka moose measures 155cm. Occasionally individuals of around 170 – 180cm are produced. The trophy weight can be as high as 55kg, but on average it lies around 30kg.