Woodcock hunting is considered one of the most beautiful  and as it is also called “hunting for aristocrats”.


Woodcock is a flying bird, therefore it is not possible to meet it everywhere  on the territory of Russia, and the hunting season for this bird is very short.


The most popular woodcock hunting places in Russia are its European part and the northwestern part.

we offer hunting in the following regions:

North-West of Russia - cover


Duration: 5 days
Season: August-February
Best time: August-February
Accommodation: wooden house

Central Russia - cover

Central Russia (Tula)

Duration: 5 days
Season: 27 March-05 April (the season is flexible every year)
Best time: 27 March-05 April
Accommodation: wooden house with full facilities

Volga area - cover

Volga area (Kirov)

Duration: 5 days
Season: August-November
Best time: August-November
Accommodation: wooden house with full facilities