Altai is the only region in Russia where hunting for ibex  is allowed. The number of ibex  has been declining in recent years and the licensed hunt for this trophy is strictly regulated by the state, so if you want to get to hunt for a ibex in Russia, in Altai, you need to take care of this in advance.


Ibex males and females wear horns all their lives. The horns of the males are large, thick, curved back and down. The horns of ibex  in Altai grow up to 1 m or more in length that’s why it attracts a great interest to hunters as a trophy. 

In nature  Siberian Ibex  rarely survive to 15–16 years. The  females have horns almost straight, thin and short – 25-30 cm long, the protrusions on them are weakly expressed.


Ibexes  live in Altai at an altitude of 2000–2500 m.

we offer hunting in the following regions:

Altay - cover

Altay mountains

Duration: 6 days
Season: August-November
Best time: August-October
Accommodation: wooden house, tent camp