Boundless white desert


Chukotka is an unexplored region of our planet. In summer, the sun does not set here, it is here – polar winter.


Chukotka is a real mystery of nature, this hard-to-reach land is little studied by man. But it is here that incredible animals live, which you will not meet on other continents.


For the most sophisticated and the avid hunters we advise the  hunting in Chukotka. The trophy obtained in extreme conditions and harsh nature will be the pride in the trophies collection of any professional hunter.

DAY 1Arrival to Pevek airport, accommodation in hotel.

DAY 2. Transfer to the hunting camp, 200 km.

DAY 3. Accommodation, instruction.

DAY 4-11. Hunting, fishing, rest.

DAY 12. Transfer to Pevek, accommodation.

DAY 13. Excursions, visiting the museum, the famous places GULAG (only Pevek), walrus rookery, the polar bear’s habitat.

DAY 14. Transfer to airport.

Mostly living in a hunting camp, but a few days will be in a tent camp.

TEMPERATURE MODE: During the hunt, the temperature can range from +10 C

during the day, to – 10 C at night.

NECESSARY CLOTHES: Warm, windproof clothes and high-quality

waterproof shoes are needed. The hunting area is endless and wild open spaces. Here for hundreds of

kilometers you can not meet a single person.


Bear - cover


Hunting area: Chukotka
Duration: 14 days
Season: April-June, August-November
Best time: May, September-October
Accommodation: tent camp

Snow sheep - cover

Snow sheep

Hunting area: Chukotka
Duration: 12 days
Season: August-October
Best time: September-October
Accommodation: tent camp

Moose Caribou - cover

Moose Caribou

Hunting area: Chukotka
Duration: 14 days
Season: September-December
Best time: September
Accommodation: tent camp