Who We Are?

Professional staff

Our staff will lead you up to date and tell you all the rules and the subtleties of a seccessful hunt, even for the largest beast. We are proud of our experience.

Experienced coaches

If you are an amateur, then our trainers will share their experience with you. If you are a professional, then our coach will become your faithful companion on the bestial trail.

Easy-to-reach location

It is easy to find us at the specified address. Moscow as the capital of Russia opens the door for you to get acquainted with the riches of our country.


Russia is one of the most popular places all over the world according to hunter society.

But what’s reason of that attractiveness? The huge territory, endless forests, all manner of climatic zones together with the rich variety of trophies.

A moose and a bear are abundant throughout the country.  There are also a lot of endemics, which can be met only in Russia. For example, it is Dagestan tur, a Caucasian mountain goat whose inhabitation is the north mountainous region of the republic of Dagestan.

One more advantage of Russia is a diversity of hunting kinds. We can offer a hunting trip both for beginner and professional.

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Hunting in Russia is a very riveting adventure. The costs are small especially in comparison with the other countries. That is a further advantage of Russia as a hunting region. 


The hunting management is a rather lingering process, which needs high professionality. The reasons are not only the legislation features of Russia but also the regulations of every certain region of the country. For example, it is not enough to have a license to shoot and a gun license to get to some border regions. You should also have a special permission of these regions to hunt. 


That is why we advise every foreign hunter in Russia on the help of the professional hunter organizations and guides. It can save the money and time and can indemnify the hunter from unexpected risks concerned with breach of legislation or illegal hunting management.


Our twenty years of administrative experience, a knowledge of the Russian legal system, a wide net of hunting sectors throughout the country and professional and skilled jaegers in every Russian region let us state that we can be entrusted with the organization of your Russian hunting adventure. We will help you:

  • To choose a hunting region. We will demonstrate you all characteristics of the certain area and give all necessary recommendations.
  • To determine an appropriate time to hunt. It depends on your physical conditions, individual characteristics and preferences.
  • To prepare all necessary documents, which are concerned to your hunting trip in Russia. There are a visa, a gun license and a license to shoot.
  • To go through customs control. We will meet you at the airport of arrival, solve all the formalities with customs clearance of your gun and be online with you 24/7 during the whole your stay in Russia to deal with all the problems.
  • To succeed in hunting. We will do our best to make your trophy trip as more prosperous as possible.
  • To transfer trophies to your country. We will manage with all the trouble of the delivery.

Our goal is your comfortable hunting and your vivid hunting impressions of Russia, which will make you return therein again and again!


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