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A passion to adventure and traveling, many years of administration experience, the love to Russia are pushed us to open the world of exciting hunting in Russia for each of you. Welcome to Russia, welcome to our space of the hunt…

High-class entertainment

Hunting is a form of relaxation for the strong. We offer you to feel yourself a part of the wild, to plunge into the world of predators.

Professional staff

Our staff will lead you up to date and tell you all the rules and the subtleties of a successful hunt, even for the largest beast.

Various training programs

If this is your first time hunting, our staff will conduct informative training. When meeting with a trophy, you are not confused.

We do the hunting not because it’s just our business but because it’s love and passion. Everything we do, we do it with full dedication to our work. Best places, best trophies, best gamekeepers, best team, best time spent with us are our aims to make you happy. 

Russia is the endless world for any kind of the huntihg adventures. hunt with us and we will lead you to your success!


Try our exclusive offer: plunge into the exotic world of the Caucasus. Endless mountain ranges, around incredible views of nature, hardy and strong animals. Hunting here will bring you not only luxurious trophies, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Hunting region

The best way to success – is to be in love with what you do.

Jackie Chan




Standard rules, modern, but reliable equipment, guaranteeing a successful hunt. You won’t come back without a trophy.


Special skills and high accuracy are required. But with you light equipment that will not let you down. It has been tested for centuries.


We will make your hunt unforgettable.

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